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14th Madurai Film Festival 2012: List of films; International Documentaries!

14th Madurai International Documentary 

and Short Film Festival 2012

List of films

International Section: DOCUMENTARIES

1) Ameer Got His Gun
Dir: Naomi Levari; Israel; 58 min; 2011; Hebrew & Arabic

Ameer Abu Ria is about to go into the army. As opposed to the
majority of 18 year old boys in Israel, for whom army service is
Mandatory, Ameer is exempt from military service under the assumption
that his enlistment might endanger Israel’s security. That
is because Ameer, an Israeli citizen,is a Moslem Arab. And yet,
Ameer decides to volunteer. He believes that his induction is the
way to equality, he believes this is the way to belong to the state he
lives in, the state he wants to love. He is considered an enemy, a
fi fth columnist in the eyes of Israeli Jews, and a traitor of the worst
kind in the eyes of Arab citizens; the kind who turns against his
brothers. Ameer, an eternal optimist, wishes to be both a proud
Arab and an enthusiastic Israeli while his only enemy is reality.
rotem@bsheepfi lms.com

2) Haiti, Tierra De
Dir: Asier Reino; Spain; 54
min; 2012; English, French,
Credo, Italian & Spanish

This documentary is based
on a journalist’s personal
experience who, after
traveling to Haiti in2004,
decides to erase this country
from his memory after
having witnessed terrible

3) Doll - Why would you dance Naked?
Dir: Zohar Wagner; Israel; 58 min; 2012; Hebrew

Revealing video tapes fi lmed twenty years ago in New York reappear
oneday in director Zohar Wagner’s home. The tapes content
reveals her past as a club stripper in her 20’s, and undermines her
man’s trust. The dispute around the video footage leads Wagner
on a deeply emotional quest seeking out her memories and
those who were her companions during this hectic period. With
their help she uncovers the ways in which her repression mechanism
has led her asrtay.

4) Orania
Dir: Tobias Lindner; Germany; 94 min; 2012

Orania is a remote village in the barren centre of South Africa, an
“intentional community” where only Afrikaans people live – a
culturally homogeneous place in a multicultural country. What
is beneath this particular societal experiment? A feature- length
documentary about cultural identity and the line between self
determination and discrimination.
info@orania-fi lm.de

5) Scorpions
Dir: Simo Hakalisto; Finland; 74 min; 2012; Cambodian, English

Documentary discusses the post-war generation’s life in a country
with many scars; the reconstruction of the post-genocide society
not only in a concrete but also in a mental sense. Even after a harsh
drawback it is possible to fi nd a meaning for one’s life. The fi lm is a
demonstration of the healing effects of sports.

6) Floreria y edecanes
Dir: Jaizel Hernandez; Mexico; 43 min; 2012; Spanish

Where is the end of Mexico and the beginning of the United states?
By means of a contemplative and experimental approach this documentary
pose the present anorama and every day life in northeast
Mexico and south of Texas. A pursuit to fi nd an own identity,
through atmospheres and ambient states in region where a river
divides the third and fi rst world of a whole continent.

7) Tres rocas
Dir: Emiliano Fernandez; Mexico; 66 min; 2011; Spanish

Three Rocks, is a movie in which three stories about climbing
happen, Carlos gracia take us through a big wall adventure in the
Cordillera Blanca, Diego Lopez, lives for climbing, in the deserts
spends months trying to climb up to ten meters rocks. Looking for
high degree of diffi culty, a group of climbers work in a new route
building up, 33000 feet wall.

8) The Wild Ones
Dir: Lucy Kaye; UK; 30 min; 2012; English

Impact Pupil Referral Unit, in Bootle, Liverpool, provides a last
chance for teenagers expelled from school to gain qualifi cations.
This term, seven pupils get to leave the Unit to try a new way of
learning in an unlikely sanctuary for rescued horses, in the heart of
this run-down neighborhood. Run by local resident Bernadette
Langfi eld, several wild ponies that she saved from being culled
need taming. Butthese horses, like the pupils have their own troubled
backgrounds and in order for a relationship between them
to develop, both horses and teenagers have to fi rst deal with their
own behavioral diffi culties.

9) Her Name is Vivienne
Dir: Mustafa Boga; UK; 7 min; 2012; English

‘Her Name is Vivienne’
is a short documentary
about a young man from
Romania who fi nds freedom
in London to fi nd
and get to know Vivienne,
his alter ego. Why is he
compelled to cross dress,
and what are his hopes
and fears for the future?

10) Rosario
Dir: Anshul Tiwari; Singapore; 6 min; 2012; English

Rosario ia a short musical documentary about a busker – Dennis
Rozario – performing in the subways of Singapore in the hope to
become a successful musician one day.

11) Apash, Outsiders
Dir: Cora Pena; Spain; 88 min; 2011; Spanish, Awajun

Apash Outsiders should be a movie about a retired Spanish businessman
travelling to the Peruvian Amazon, in search of ancient
family links inside jivaro communities. But the guardians of the
forest have better things to tell: they are trapped by the greed of
Western extractive industry. The Amazon, home and lungs of
the Earth, is in serious risk of destruction.

12) Masi’s Law
Dir: Aaro Hazak & Adam Jacobi Moller; South Africa; 14 min; 2012 ;

Masiphumelele or Masi is a township near Cape Town, South
Africa, where high crime rates and limited access to the police have
necessitated communitybased security measures. The fi lm portrays
the way of the Bambanani and street committee volunteer movements’
fi ght against the crime in Masi.

13) Los nueve infi ernos
Dir: Abril Schmucler; Mexico; 25 min; 2010; Spanish

A babie’s bath in a public space. Angry rebel young people running
through the streets. A man crawling in pursuit of divine forgiveness.
The brother who cannot buy a small car. The eternal wait of a musician
on a long night.. A lover sings, besides him a hobo complains.
Millions of people whose eyes will never meet. This city is silence.

14) Hermeneutics
Dir: Alexei Dmitriev; Russia; 3.15 min; 2012; English
A War film

15) Ancestral Delicatessen
Dir: Gabriel Folgado; Spain; 15 min; 2012; Spanish

All that exists is made of time, from the galaxies to chestnuts; only
rhythm changes.

16) Yuban
Dir: Yaasib Vazquez; Mexico; 29 min; 2011; Spanish

Yuban is about the transformation of a Zapotecan community. It
portraits the longing for a set of principles that are about to die and
the effort the people make to keep their culture alive.

17) La Mirada Perdida (The Missing Looks)
Dir: Damian Dionosio; Argentina; 11mins; Spanish

Argentina, 1976, Claude is forced to live with his family in hiding,
due to his political ideals. The house in which they live is
discovered by the militarist. No time to fl ee, Teresa try to shelter
his daughter in a fantasy world to avoid the girl look at the horror
they are about to live.

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