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14th Madurai Film Festival 2012: Final list International films, Short Films

14th Madurai International Documentary 

and Short Film Festival 2012

6,7,8 December 2012


1) Amanecer
Dir: Erick Garcia; Mexico; 21 min; 2010; Spanish.

Emilio, Jonas and Pedro want to have some fun in the night. Emilio
and Jonas has particular ways to enjoy themselves. When Pedro
decides to take part of this he discovers a new person in him.

2) Desierto
Dir: Christian Rivera; Mexico; 15:30 min; 2010; Spanish.

A groom is trying to fi nd his bride in a magical desert; there he will
learn that the shortest way is not always the faster.

3) Munecas
Dir: Miguel Salgado; Mexico; 25 min; 2010; Spanish
When Valeria decides to quit playing the piano, a secret comes to
light and the family’s harmony is broken.

4) Stella Maris
Dir: Marie Benito; Mexico; 10 min; 2010; Spanish

A father and his 10 year old daughter undertake a journey to the
ocean with a particular purpose.

5) De Este Mundo
Dir: Fernanda Valadez; Mexico; 18:30; 2010; Spanish

Sara doesn’t belong to this world, but in a last attempt, she makes
a journey to fi nd carlos, her only loved one. She then leaves the
psyquitric where she had concealed from herself, to walk the corridors
of the past time, trying to fi nd what its not lost.

6) The Voice of God
Dir: Bernd Lutzeler; Germany; 9 min; 2011; English
If God would come down to earth and try to earn a living in Bombay,
most probably he would very soon become successful as a
voice over artiste, lending his voice to thousands of Hindi movies
and even more documentaries and public service fi lms in India.A
melo-dramatic docu-drama with voice-over in stop-motion and
longtime exposure.

7) Miruna
Dir: Piotr Sulkowski; Poland; 20 min; 2012; Polish

After an argument with her lover, a young woman recklessly gets
into the parked car of a mysterious stranger. Their brief encounter
will lead to mutual attraction, insight and fatal accomplishment,
during a journey to the end of the night. Through a maze of colorful
fl ashbacks, intricately related to the main character’s
painful past, the destiny of the young woman is inevitably connected
to that of an imaginary fi sh.

8) Tirastan Sonra (After Shave)
Dir: Nail Pelivan; Turkey; 17 min; 2012; Turkish

It is important that the relationship between master and assistant
like in the other crafts. The assistant has to listen his master and he
needs to take advantage of his master’s experiments. The master
has to teach the detail of craft to his assistant. People need justice.
There is law or not. People have still need justice. If law is not
enough, people fi nd the way of sort their own problems out in
every ages.

9) Two Journalists
Dir: Vladimic Sakhov; Russia; 17 min; 2012; Russian
The fi lm “Two Journalist” based on a story of a Chekhov. It presents
satirical look at journalism. This is a story about journalistwho
are to do anything for a sensation.

10) Accident
Dir: Kivill Pletnev; Russia; 25 min; 2012; Russian
Hauler sergie lives happy life. He loves his wife and little son. He
is sincere man of principle and he wants his son to be the same. But
once his life is going down hill.

11) We are not slaves
Dir: Anyr Askarov; Russia; 15 min; 2012; Russian
The fi lm is about feelings of a little boy in besieged Leningrad.

12) The Encounter
Dir: Georgiy Soldatov; Russia; 8 min; 2011; Russian
On a busy street an old lady tries to make it to the other side of the
road. For a long time she cant do it because of the traffi c.

13) One Minute
Dir: Elena Golyanima; Russia; 15 min; 2012; Russian
Alexander is a successful businessman. He achieves all his goals by
means and without any doubts. A child voice responds his cries.

14) When a woman is happy
Dir: Tatina Budistskaya; Russia; 26 min; 2011; Russian
The young girl Niko get acquinted with men via internet and
makes a date to those much elder than herself. Why does she behave
in such a way? Is she looking for a sponsor or a good lover?

15) Away
Dir: Anna Sarukhanova; Russia; 17 min; 2012; Silent
The young man gets job offer abroad and has to leave his native
tour for several years. A choice is to be done whether to leave habitual
environment or to stay.

16) Seven Days
Dir: Margarita Magdesieva; Russia; 30 min; 2012; Russian
Art and business, career and principles, dreams and routine. We
are going ahead, looking backwards, staring at the distance, and
the life is slamming the doors again. Hour by hour, 7days.

17) Haikus for Karaoke
Roberto Santaguida; Italy; 4.30 min; 2012;
Haikus fashioned from found karaoke videos.

18) A Parideira
Dir: Jose Miguel Moreira; Portugal; 20 min; 2010; Portuguese
Somewhere in the top of the mountain range, there is a credulous
cave: it is the “PAREDIERA” it counts the legend that if an infertile
woman there goes inside, she leaves pregnant from the cave. But
to that happens it is necessary that in this night an adult dies there
fi lmografo@fi

19) Noite Gelida Em Castelo Branco
Dir: Luis Diogo; Portugal; 15 min; 2011; Portuguese
Sofi a & Marco, a young couple, visit Castelo Branco city by night.
Start a conversation with a tramp on the street that plays music.
While the conversation takes place, sofi a begins to suspect that
vagabond could be the father she never knew.
fi lmografo@fi

20) Prescricao
Dir: Marco Miranda; Portugal; 14 min; 2012; Portuguese
In the city lives a man who questions.. in the city lives a man.. like
other en we know as men, but this man unlike the others questions
his existence.
fi lmografo@fi

21) Violet, the Courteasan
Dir: David Casals-Roma; Spain; 15mins; 2012; Spanish
A prostitute is working at night in her usual spot when suddenly
she is surprised by a mysterious woman. After the woman explains
to the prostitute her desperate situation, she decides to help her to
make her dream come true.

22) Luminaris
Dir: Juan Pablo Zaramella; Argentina; 6mins; 2012; Spanish
In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a
plan thatcould change the natural order of things.

23) Video club
Dir: Roberto Dominiguez, Jorge Manzaneque, Macgregor; Spain;
14:51mins; 2012; Spanish
Returning a movie was ever so hard…

24) Memory
Dir: Victor suner; Spain; 7:55mins; 2011; Spanish
A man sitting in a coffee Shop makes mental review of all the
failures of

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