Monday, December 3, 2012

14th Madurai Film Festival: Final list of films, Rest of India, Short films!

14th Madurai International Documentary 

and Short Film Festival 2012


1) The Fakers
Dir: Ghanshyam Bhatt; Hindi; 13.35 min; 2012;

Rahul and Swati are going to meet as prospective match. Their
family tells them what all to do and how to behave. They meet
and do the same but it doesn’twork between them…Result lots of
grudges and misunderstanding. Then a co incidence happens.

2) As I Remember You
Dir: Gaurav Saluja; Hindi; 26 min; 2012;

It is a fi lm about ARNAV. He has lost his girlfriend in a car accident.
It is been a long time after her death, but ARNAV is still
not able to live a normal life. He is plagued by the memories of old
days and all his suffering leads to some other form of pain in his life.

3) Swapno Satyakam
Dir: Som; Bengali; 21.38 min; 2012;

Satyakam is a young dwarf. His short height and unusual looks
constantly draw snide remarks and insulting comments from
people. In his mind, he constructs a dream world where there is no
hatred… where one doesn’t harm another… a world where there is
only love. His only wish is to lose himself in love.

4) The Family
Dir: Zaman Habib; Hindi; 16.25 min; 2012;

Today when we are falling prey to social disintegration and becoming
too individualistic Jambert, a coffi n shop owner, believes in family, although
he fancies death to run his shop. This is a story of people around
the world who aren’t able to handle loneliness as in case of Jambert in
this fi lm who wants a family: some close people to be around, someone
to share his joys and sorrows with. And to have those people around he
doesn’t mind having a family of dead people.

5) Bawdi
Dir: Vivek Soni; Hindi; 20 min; 2012;

Adding to the woes of a village facing acute shortage of water, a
Cola Company sets up base close to it. If wells drying up were not
enough, its operations have directly affected the lives and fortunes
of the farmers fi ghting for their survival. Women have to walk
miles to fetch water, which has made villagers prefer their
daughters getting married outside the village. A young couple
victimized by the circumstances struggles to get married.

6) Verge of Happiness
Dir: Harsha Setty GR; No dialogue; 18.45 min; 2012
Four friends ( Raj, Vicky, Mohan & Shaila) get high on drugs and
meet with an unfortunate accident on the outskirts of the city/ noman’s
land. Mohan and shaila die on the spot, Raj is on the verge
of dying and his life is in hanging preciously between life and
death, Vicky is badly injured. The story revolves around Vicky’s
struggle to escape the clutches of dependability on drugs and trying
to save his friend raj.

7) Current
Dir: Dhanesh Krishna; Malayalam; 26 min; 2012
The story of the village girl who comes to act in a blue fi lm, fi rst

8) Nirnay
Dir: Dhananjay Bhawalekar; Marathi; 26.53; 2012
This is the story in the family of sanitary worker where a youth
named mahendra denies follow his traditional occupation which is
instigated or forced on him by social system . While taking this decision
he had to struggle with family like wise the burden of social
and political pressure. He also goes through many debates. To live
a pride and dignity is a fundamental right of everyone and oneself
comes to sense it because of education in his belief. There after he
starts his journey in that direction.

9) Chhoti Chhoti Baatein
Dir: Aashini Shah; Gujarati; 13.09; 2011

“Chhoti Chhoti Baatein” is a fi lm about four characters and their
desires, the desires that are affected by little things in life. For one
character it is independence and a desire to get back to the past.
For the other it is a new sofa and for the other two it is the lifestyle
that they lead. They all make efforts to fulfi ll their desires and
in the process of doing so go through certain experiences, which
brings them to self-realization. It is on the lines of “Grass is greener
on the other side.”

10) Back water
Dir: Arun karthick; Malayalam; 14mins; 2011
A lonely island, a traumatic traveler, a story that mirrors the waters;
a brutal rape, and her return to the waters. Set in the midst of
the island. The Back waters is a haunting boat journey into the life
of a secluded girl.

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