Wednesday, December 5, 2012

14th Madurai Film Festival 2012: Films from Tamilnadu

14th Madurai International Documentaries 

and Short Film Festival 2012


1) Deepam
A fi lm by Murugan ; 60mins; 2012; Tamil
Tiruvannamalai Deepam festival 2011.

2) Taraki
A fi lm by Someetharan ; 58mins; 2012; Tamil
30 long years, the war in Srilanka. Tamils fi ght for their rights, dignity
and freedom. For a separate homeland. I started shooting this
fi lm after Sivarams death. Over the period of 6years most of the
journalissI interviewed are either killed or fl ed the country. Many
of the tapes fi lmed remain missing in Srilanka. And im not in
Srilanka. Now I have interviewed some of them through the skype.
This is a small fi lm on Sivaram who has inspired a lot of journalists
in Srilanka. More than 70 Srilankan journalists are in exile. I wish
we all go back and work for our people soon. But still we the Tamil
and Sinhala journalists are friends. One great example is Sivaram.

3) Dam@116 years
A fi lm by Arvind; 32mins; 2012; Tamil, Malayalam, & English
Mullperiyar: A debate towards alternatives.


1) Mouna Mozhi
A fi lm by Jai; 20mins; 2012; Tamil
Love and life of two youngsters, the chain that connects their lives,
and how are they interrelated together.

2) Feb-04
A fi lm by S.Raja; 8mins; 2012; Tamil
In our society death of a family man cause of tobacco, Smoking
how their wife and baby suffers. The object of the fi lm is to prevent
peoples from cancer by not using tobacco. Prevention is better than

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