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19th Madurai Film Festival - Screening Schedule : Day 4, 9 Dec 2017

19th Madurai Film Festival - Screening Schedule : Day 4, 9 Dec 2017

Day 4: 9 Dec 2017 at Madurai Media and Film Studies Academy, Old Natham Road
11 am to 4 pm

Master Class by Sameera Jain, filmmaker / editor / teacher

Day 4: 9 Dec 2017 at IDEAS Centre, Madurai

10 am Campus Rising (Dir: Yousuf Saeed; 73 mins; Hindi and English with Eng subtitles)

While the students' unrest continues in many cities, this film travels to some seven Indian universities (including Jawaharlal Nehru University, Hyderabad Central University and Banaras Hindu University among others) to record what the students and some teachers have to say about how their freedom is being curtailed, and how this movement will not die until they bring some change of perception about the rights of the underprivileged.

11:15 Interaction

11:30 Our Gauri (Dir: Deepu; 67 min; English (subtitles); 2017)

Gauri Lankesh was one of the Karnataka’s most prominent and fearless journalists. She was shot dead outside her house in Bengaluru on the night of 5th September, 2017. Gauri spoke out against communal forces in the country and represented dissent and freedom of speech.

The film is more than a personal tribute and follows her political journey, envisaging what she stood for and her struggle for communal harmony until her last breath. And her life story has become the history of Karnataka’s fight against right-wing communal forces.

12:40 Interaction

1:00 Lunch break

2:00 Kakkoos

Dir: Divya Bharathi; 108 min; Tamil with English subtitles; Documentary; India

The documentary, shot in 25 districts for over a year, conveys the message that even though manual scavenging was banned in India in 2013 it continues to exist and conservancy workers are involved in removing human waste. The film is dedicated to those who maintain a “false silence on manual scavenging”.

3:50 pm Interaction with Divya Bharathi

Day 04, 8 Dec 2017 at LENS Media Centre, Gnanaolipuram

4:00 pm This is like Gold Only (Dir: Ujjwal Utkarsh; 78 min; Maithili/English/Hindi; Documentary; India)

Makhana farming is a specialized and painstaking process practised by farmers of the Mallah community of North Bihar. A species similar to the lotus family, the fox nut plants are cultivated in ponds and their seed of are collected from the bottom of the lake. Through an elaborate process of popping by hand on high heat we get 'makhana' in a state which can be packed and sold. Despite health risks to them, makhana cultivators continue to follow this process.

5:20 Interaction

5:35 Nicobar, a long way (Dir: Richa Hushing; 65 min; Nicobarese, Hindi and English; Documentary; India)

Deep in the Bay of Bengal, the Nicobar archipelago, a tribal reserve protected under Andaman and Nicobar Protection of Aboriginal Tribes Regulation, was worst hit by the Tsunami of 26th December 2004. Self-subsistent and relatively isolated, post Tsunami the aboriginal world was suddenly invaded.

6:40 Interaction

7:00 Patrick Rouxel Retrospective

The Cathedral Forest (Dir: Patrick Rouxel; 45 min; 2007)

In Gabon, Africa, the Minkebe Conservation Project team is dedicated to the preservation of a vast forest of 32 000 km2 which holds the largest population of forest elephants in the world. This forest is undergoing many threats: logging, mining, bush meat hunting and the poaching of elephants for ivory. The Cathedral Forest is a call to the citizens of the world to help WWF Gabon in its efforts to preserve the Minkebe forest.

7:45 Interaction

8 Dec; Kaleidoscope

5:00 pm Patrick Rouxel Retrospective

Tears of wood (Dir: Patrick Rouxel; 26 min; 2004)

A visual essay on the extraordinary biodiversity of the Indonesian rainforest. This silent film follows the peaceful wondering of a dominant male orangutan, showing the forest from his point of view. It also underlines the link between tropical hardwood and the trees of the rainforest. This is the first film I made when I decided to do my part to help rainforest conservation in 2003. The title of the film is also the name of this website because it seems to capture the essence of all my films.

5:30 Interaction

5:45 Sameera Jain Retrospective

A Season Outside (Dir: Amar Kanwar; 32 min; 1997; Edited by Sameera Jain)

There is perhaps, no border outpost in the world quite like Wagah, where this film begins its exploration. An outpost where every evening people are drawn to a thin white line… and probably anyone in the eye of a conflict could find themselves here. A Season Outside is a personal and philosophical journey through past generations, conflicting positions, borders and time zones.

6:15 Interaction with Sameera Jain

6:30 Camera Threat (Dir: Bernd L├╝tzeler; 30 min; Hindi and English; Short film; Germany and India)

Somewhere in the rather dreary spheres of Mumbai's film industry, stuck between star-cult, superstition and the daily gridlock, Camera Threat explores the ambivalent and sometimes paranoid relationship that this film city has with the moving image as such.

7:00 The Simple Day (Dir: Maria Khristoforova; 21 min; Hindi and English; Documentary; Russia and India)

The simple day in the life of rickshaw driver in Delhi, India.

7:25 Interaction

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