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19th Madurai Film Festival - Screening Schedule : Day 5, 10 December 2017

19th Madurai Film Festival - Screening Schedule : Day 5, 10 December 2017

Day 5; 10 December at Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Arasaradi

9:30 am Miryavar Kahi Mahine (Many Months in Mirya)

Dir: Renu Sawant; 3 hours 50 min; Marathi with Eng subtitles; Documentary; India

In 2015, I stayed and shot in my ancestral village in western coastal India, and the film is a record of this village during that time. The resulting film flows into stories of people and events happening in the village. The subject's canvass demanded the scale of the longer narrative form, like a novel in digital video.

1:30 Lunch break

2:00 pm A Quiet Little Entry (Sameera Jain Retro)

Dir: Uma Chakravarthi; 44 min; 2010; Edited by Sameera Jain

The film is about an unknown woman, Subbalakshmi who lived between the salt pans and thousands of other places in her mind and left behind a trunk, a diary and scraps of paper. She had participated like many others in the movement for independence in the 1920's and 30's but was forced by circumstances to withdraw from active participation. It is a film about the choices women are denied but who struggle to find other ways of expressing their resistance.

The film was shot on location in south India and uses archival material from both the public and the family archive. It experiments with form by evoking the protagonist through suggestion; it uses photographs, camerawork, music and a voiceover to tell the story of Subbalakshmi.

2:45 Interaction with Sameera Jain, editor

3:00 pm A Night of Prophecy (Sameera Jain Retro)

Dir: Amar Kanwar; 77 min; multiple Indian languages; 2002; Edited by Sameera Jain

Through poetry emerges the possibility of understanding the past, the severity of conflict and the cycles of change. The film travels in the states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland and Kashmir. Through poetry you see where all the territories are heading towards, where you belong, and where to intervene, if you want to. The narratives merge, allowing us to see a mere universal language of symbols and meanings. This moment of merger is the simple moment of prophecy.

4:20 Interaction with Sameera Jain, editor

Day 05, 10 Dec 2017 at LENS Media Centre, Gnanaolipuram

4:00 Saints of Sin

Dir: Aniruddha Sen; 80 min; English; Documentary; India

The Saints of Sin is a lyrical journey of emotion and experiences of Seven and a Half Bengali women spread all over the globe between Nairobi to New York to New Delhi and Bombay. Built on intimate conversations recorded over three years, the film explores the lives of Debbie, Runa, Srila, Gopi, Shreya, Swati, Paro and Pradipta, where each of them acknowledges her propensity towards one of the Sins and speaks of her negotiations with it.

5:20 Interaction

5:30pm Patrick Rouxel Retrospective

Life is One (Dir: Patrick Rouxel; 56 min; 2016)

“Life is One” is the story of three orphan sun bear cubs from Indonesia and their return to the wild. The story is told by the foster parent of these cubs who accompanied them to their independence. The viewer is placed in total immersion with the bears in the rainforest and discovers how beautiful, joyful and energetic they are. The film is a tribute to life on earth, a reminder that we are all connected and that we owe respect and compassion to those we share the planet with.

6:30 Closing Ceremony

10 Dec; Kaleidscope

5:00 pm Kid (Dir:Aarish Krishnan; 2 min; No dialogue; Short fiction; India)

A film on run away and lost children.

5:05 Mahaantham (Dir: Sridhar Sudhir; 28 min; Hindi with Eng subtitles; Short fiction; India

Mahaantam deals with the effect of nationalism on our daily lives. It follows the story of Gauri, a 7 year old girl from a small town in Bihar, who bears witness to a series of events around her motivated by a simple question 'Why is my India Great?'.

5:30 pm Like Dust We Rise (Dir: Abhimanyu Kumar, Arya A.T., Garima Kaul and Prerna Gupta ; 23 min; Hindi with Eng subtitles; Documentary; India)

This is a film about those who clean the city of dreams. It brings to the fore, through the narratives of a few BMC workers, the lackadaisical workings of the Bombay Municipal Corporation resulting in injustice to the workers. Kali, Murugan, Anthony, Aziz, Saroja and Rajeshwari carry the narrative forward as they narrate personal incidents of injuries and accidents on field, for which they have not received any compensation.

6:00 pm Interaction

6:15 Apoptosis (Dir : Tomas Gorkic; 18 min; Slovenian with Eng subtitles; Short fiction; Slovenia

The year is 2074. Total pollution of the Earth. Food shortages. The fall of governments and systems. Control is taken over by Bionet Corporation, which guarantees food with their main alimentary product, Biogreen. States become sectors under the administration of Bionet Corporation.

6:20 Bystander 9Dir: Sheyda Kashi; 8:23 min; No dialogue; Animation; Iran)

How many of us just watch? How many of us participate?

6:30 Cartas Ciegas (Dir: Angel Jaquem; 14:45; Spanish with Eng subtitles; Short fiction; Spain

The bosom of a family is shattered after the father's departure to Second World War.

6:45 The Impasse (Dir: Alina Mikhailova; 17 min; Russian with Eng subtitles; Short fiction; Russia

Poland, 1943. Two married couples find themselves confined in a narrow first-class compartment they will have to share the whole journey long. An inconvenience which annoys them... Each protagonist is at the end of their rope. The train represents the only chance to save themselves and their respective loved ones, to escape from the hell of an occupied country.

7:00 Intervalo (Dir: Eduardo Maia; Mariana Vilhena; Pedro Gomes; Tiago Sá; 2:30 min; No dialogue; Animation; Portugal)

At class break there’s space to travel in a book.

7:05 Video Volunteers

A collection of short videos by Video Volunteers from across the country.

7:30 Interaction

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