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18th Madurai Film Festival 2016 : Revised Schedule

18th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2016
Screening Schedule

8 Dec; Tamilnadu Theological Seminary

10 am   Inauguration
10:30    Chika the Dog from the Ghetto
Dir: Sandra Schiefi; 16.20 min; Animation film; Germany; Int
10:50    Bus Story
Dir: Jorge Yudice; 10 min; Short film; Spain; Int
11:00    An Affair
Dir: Ninni R Sahu; 17 min; Short film; India
11:20    Bike Portraits
Dir: Sashko Danylenko; 5 min; English; Animation; Int
11:30    Third Theatre
Dir: Amshan Kumar; 53 min; English; Retro
12:30    Padoshi
Dir: Akkta Panwar; 37 min; Gujarati & Hindi; Docu; India
1:10:     Lunch break
2:00      The Children Send their Regards
Dir: Patricia Josefine Marchart; 104 min; Germany; Documentary; Int
3:45      Broken Chord
Dir: Anubha Jain; 22.20 min; Short film; India
4:15      Dream of a Painter
Dir: Sudheer Gupta; 40 min; English; Retro

9 Dec; Lens Media Centre

10 am   Inauguration
10:30    Subramanya Bharathi
Dir: Amshan Kumar; 52 min; 1992; Retro
11:45    A Mango Tree in the Courtyard
Dir: Pratheeban Raveenthiran; 11 min; Films from Sri Lanka
12:00    Bachelor Girls
Dir: Shikha Makan; 65 min; Women Making Films
1:05      Lunch break
2:00      Gujarat – A work in progress
Dir: Stalin K; 35 min; Documentary; Retro
2:40      Song of a Painter
Dir: Sudheer Gupta; 40 min; Docu; FIF
3:25      Voices from the Ruins – Kandhamal in search of justice
Dir: KP Sasi; 94 min; Oriya, Hindi, English; Docu; India
5:00      Where the Grass Grows Highest
Dir: Philip Hallay; 51 min; Mangolian, English; 2016; Docu; Int
6:00      Are they better off?
Dir: Aditya Seth; 60 min; English/Kashi; Docu; India
7:00      Valentina
Dir: Maximilian Feldmann; 51:00; Romani; 2016; Documentary; International

10 December 2016 - IDEAS Centre

10 am   Mostly Waiting
Dir: Thandi Sebe & Tim Foresta; 30 min
10:30    The World Before Her
Dir: Nisha Pahuja; 152 min; India; Women Making Films
1:00      Lunch break
2:00      Lesser Humans
Dir: Stalin K; 59 min; Gujarati; Documentary; Retro
3:00      Banaza A Love Story
Dir: Deeya Khan; 70 min; Eng; Docu; Women Making Films
4:15      The Long Distance
Dir: Daniel Andreas Sager; 93 min; Swaheli, Kalenjn, Russian, English; Documentary; Int.
6:00      The Factory
Dir: Rahul Roy; 120 min; Hindi; Docu; India

11 Dec: MMFA

10 am   Ore Ganam
Dir: Arun Bhagath; 20 min; Short film; India
10:25    Vande Mataram
Dir: Shridhar Sudhir; 27:00; Hindi/ English/ Gujarati; documentary; India
11:00    Aasaiyenum
Dir:Navaraj R.Sevagan; 21:30; Short film; Tamil
11:25    Galli
Dir: Santhosh Ram; 19 min; Short film; India
11:45    Serukallam
Dir: Raj Sivaraj; 14 min; Short film; Films from Sri Lanka
12:00    Sixteen Year Old Whishkey
Dir: Denis Lafanov; 27:19 min; Short film: Int
12:30    Thiraikathai
Dir: Varatharajan; 17 min; Short film; Tamil; India
12:50    Visuvasam
Dir: Manibhrathi Thraiyur; 15:38 min; Tamil; Short film; India
1:05      Lunch break
2:05      Anant Kalakar (Timeless Artist)
Dir: Sudheer Gupta; 33 min; Hindi & Rajastani; Retro
2:40      Iyatta (Class)
Dir: Jayant Somalkar; 10 min; Hindi/Marathi/Eng; Short film; India
2:55      Sirens of Grief
Dir: Aniket Prakash Deore; 29’; Gujarti, Hindi; Docu; India
3:25      Broken Chord
Dir: Anubha Jain; 22.20 min; Short film; India
3:50      Boyarksky
Dir: Alexander Saltykov, Darya Homyakova;10:30 min; Short film; Russia; Int
4:00      India Untouched
Dir: Stalin K; 108 min; Docu; Retro

12 Dec: Lens Media Centre

10 am   Let there be Light
Dir: Supriyo Sen; 52 min; Bengali with English subtitles; 2016; Documentary
11:00    Three Generations of Jogi Umar Farukh
Dir: Sudheer Gupta; 52 min; Hindi & Rajastani; Documentary; Retro
12:00    Modern Art in Tamilnadu Part 1
Dir: Amshan Kumar; 28 min; Docu; Retro
12:30    Modern Art in Tamilnadu Part 2
Dir: Amshan Kumar; 28 min; Docu; Retro
1:00      Lunch Break
2:00      Our Water, Our Future
Dir:Stalin K; 58 min; English; Docu; Retro
3:00      A Pinch of Skin
Dir: Priya Goswami; 27 min; Women Making Films
3:30      Ceres
Dir:Sathapravanan; 11 min; Short film; Films from Sri Lanka
3:45      Shadows of the Silence
Dir: Pratheepan Ravindran; 11 min; Short film; Films from Sri Lanka
4:00      Yazhpanam Thedchanamoorthy – Music beyond boundaries
Dir: Amshan Kumar; 35 min; Tamil; Documentary; Retro
4:40      Uuzhal Minsaram; 40 min; Tamil; Docu
6:00      Closing ceremony

*It is a tentative schedule; subject to changes.

Monday, December 5, 2016

18th Madurai Film Festival 2016 - postponed and rescheduled!

Dear friends

Due to the sudden demise of Ms.Jayalalitha, the then CM of Tamilnadu, last night, 18th Madurai Documentary and Short Film Festival has been postponed to 9-11 December 2016.

The festival will take place only on 3 days instead of 5 due to lack of availability of venues.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Amudhan R.P.
Festival Director
18th Madurai Film Festival 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

18th Madurai Film Festival 2016: Sudheer Gupta - Filmmaker in Focus

18th Madurai Film Festival 2016 : Sudheer Gupta – Filmmaker in Focus

Born 3rd January 1960, Mother tongue: Hindi
Lives in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Alumni : CHS, JNU (1981-83,94-97);  FTII, Pune (1984-87)

Making independent and commissioned documentary films since 1990. Films about social realities, developmental delimmas, environment issues, folk-traditions, folk-performers and artists. Films shot in India, Germany, UK and USA. Films exhibited all over the world through various TV networks and film festivals.

 Films by Sudheer Gupta : 

1.    “Song of a Painter”
40 mins./DV/2006/Hindi with subtitles in English

A chance biography of an extraordinary painter Manohar Deolalikar who lived on the streets in Delhi for over 30 years till his demise in 2003. This painter also sang hauntingly.

2.    “Anant Kalakar” (Timeless Artist)
33 mins./HDV/2006/Hindi & Rajasthani with subtitles in English

In a short film introducing the myriads arts and artists of eastern and western Rajasthan revealing their mesmerizing effect and their music.

3.    “Three Generations of Jogi Umar Farukh
52 mins./HD/2010/ Hindi & Rajasthani with subtitles in English

A film travelling to muslim jogis of Alvar, Mewat, Rajasthan while documenting three generations of Jogi Umar Farukh the chief protagonist.

4.    “Dream of a Painter”
40 mins./HD/2011/English with subtitles

A chance biography of an English coal-miner Robert Page who turned to his lifetime passion of painting at the age of 70. He painted his life spent in the mines. 

“Dancing Pandavas”
72 mins./HD/2013

It's a travel film that traces folk practices related to Pandavs of the Mahabharata in Western Himalayas. This film is the first ever record of folk-beliefs of people considering Pandavs as their ancestors in stories, theatre, possession, dance, agnostic games, a large heritage of broken or incomplete temples, spreading across Garhwal Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.
The film was produced for Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts, New Delhi.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

18th Madurai Film Festival 2016 : Screening Schedule and Film Sections

18th Madurai Film Festival 2016 

Film Sections:

1) Retrospective I : Amshan Kumar

2) Retrospective II : Stalin K

3) Filmmaker in Focus : Sudheer Gupta

4) Women Making Films : Films by women directors - curated by Vaishnavi Sundar

5) Films from Sri Lanka : Curated by Someetharan

6) International films

7) Indian films

Screening Schedule

Screen A

10 am to 4 pm

6 Dec : Arul Anandhar College, Karumathur

7 Dec: Fatima College, Madurai

8 Dec: Department of Folklore, Madurai Kamaraj University, Palkalai Nagari

8 Dec: Department of Communication, Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Arasaradi

9 Dec: Madurai Media and Film Academy

10 Dec: IDEAS, Vaazhaithoppu

Screen B

5:30 to 8.30 pm; 6 Dec to 10 Dec (all five days)

Lens Media Centre, Loyola ITI campus, Arasaradi, Madurai

Organised by MARUPAKKAM

Monday, November 28, 2016

18th Madurai Film Festival : Stalin K Retrospective

18th Madurai Film Festival 2016

Stalin K – Retrospective
Stalin K. is a media and human rights activist, with 24 years experience pioneering new models of community media. He is a teacher, trainer and an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker. He is one of India’s leading exponent of community radio, campaign design and community video. 

He currently leads Video Volunteers, an international organization dedicated to empowering community voices by setting up media projects around the world. 

Stalin has made over a dozen documentaries and has received several national and international awards. 

Films by Stalin K

INDIA UNTOUCHED-Stories of a People Apart 
108 minutes | Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi with English subtitles| 2008

This film is perhaps the most comprehensive look at Untouchability ever undertaken on film. Spanning eight states and four religions, this film will make it impossible for anyone to deny that Untouchability continues to be practiced in India.  The film introduces leading Benares scholars who interpret Hindu scriptures to mean that Dalits ‘have no right’ to education, and Rajput farmers who proudly proclaim that no Dalit may sit in their presence, and that the police must seek their permission before pursuing cases of atrocities.  

Our Water, Our Future |58 minutes | English | 2005

This film was made with the Northern Arapaho and the Eastern Shoshone tribes of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, US. Since water is more expensive than gas, it has become one of the most pressing issues in the American West. These two Tribes have one of the most extensive and valuable water rights in the US, yet many of them lack running water in their homes. In this film, 100 Voices from the Reservation explore why the Tribes have been unable to exercise their rights. In the process, they educate their fellow Tribal members about government injustice, reflect on Tribal responsibility and make a compelling call to action. 

Gujarat - A work in progress 
35 minutes | Gujarati, Hindi with English Subtitles | 2002

This film reconstructs, through interviews with survivors, the systematic carnage unleashed on the minorities in Gujarat in 2002. The film was put together for submission to the National Human Rights Commission when it first visited Gujarat in the third week of March 2002. Shooting started on the very first days of the riots and includes footage nowhere else captured. The 100 hours of footage was submitted to the inquiry commissions and the activists have used it in their court case against the government officials in Gujarat who are believed to have been in connivance in the continuance of the violence.

Lesser Humans 59 minutes | Gujarati with English subtitles | 1996

This film helped to put the issue of Untouchability on the agenda for numerous international development agencies. It investigates the lives of ‘manual scavengers,’ the community at the lowest rung of the caste system whose inhuman caste-based occupation is to manually dispose of human excreta.

Friday, November 25, 2016

18th Madurai Film Festival : Films from India List 02

18.   Let there be Light
Dir: Supriyo Sen; 52 min; Bengali with English subtitles; 2016; Documentary
The light art industry of Chandannagar in India, originated in the sixties as small handicraft units to illuminate the Jagaddhatri Puja festival of the town. The diverse story ideas, unique innovations and creative execution, however, soon made them immensely popular in religious, social and cultural events throughout the country. Through the narrative of three generations of light artists - Sridhar Das, Kashinath Neogi and Asim Dey , the Film explores the untold stories of passion, pride, artistry and the search for identity behind the making of  the Chandannagar brand that mesmerises viewers across the globe.

19    The Factory
Dir: Rahul Roy; 120 min; Hindi with English subtitles; 2015
147 workers accused of murder and denied bail by the courts for more than two years. The ground being that granting them bail would send a wrong signal to foreign investors. 2500 workers dismissed. Haryana government hires a top Supreme Court lawyer to prosecute the workers at a daily fee of over Rs.11 lakhs.
This is the story of how we produce at India's largest automobile company -- Maruti Suzuki.
The film brings together the court case, production process and workers' attempt to form a union to reveal systems of injustice that make laws redundant and conflict inevitable.

20    Are they better off?
Dir: Aditya Seth; 60 min; English / Kashi; 2016; Documentary
Are they better off, is an exposition of Matrilineal society in Meghalaya & it’s socio-political complexities, contextualized with the status of women, nationally. Three women Hulda Kynta,52, Selinda Kharbuki, 29 & Jubelee Kharmujai, 23 reveal their customs & traditions as we journey to Shillong to celebrate Christmas in their Matrilineal homes. 

21   Iyatta (class)
Dir : Jayant Somalkar ; 10 min; Hindi/Marathi/English; 2016; Short film
In the buzzing cities of India, middle-class homes depend on part-time maids for domestic help. Sometimes cordial and sometimes conflictual, the relationship of the home-owners and the maids is deeply marked by class consciousness. ‘Iyatta’ (class) is the story of one such relationship where the maid makes a firm statement, based on a new ability acquired through education. 

22  Bidesia in Bambai
Dir: Surabi Sharma; 86 min; Bojpuri and Hindi with English subtitles; 2013; Documentary
Bidesia in Bambai is a story of music, migration and mobile phones. This film follows the plight of two ambitious singers in Mumbai who occupy extreme ends of the migrant worker's vibrant music scene, a taxi-driver chasing his first record deal and Kalpana, the star of the industry trying to get a break into Bollywood.

23 She Believes 
Dir: Shimna; 45 min; Malayalam with English Subtitles ; 2016
She Believes is about women and belief, about how women are structurally barred from religious participation and expression.

24 Framing Democracy
Dir: Rinchin & Maheen Mirza ; Hindi with English subtitles; 14 min; 2015; Documentary
The film is an inquiry into the fake encounter of Meena Khalko, a young girl from village Karcha, District Balrampur in the state of Chhattisgarh.

25 Myaan
Dir: Chayan Sonane; 34 min; Gujarati and Hindi with English subtitles; 2016; Documentary
A film on caste discrimination faced by dalits in Gujarat.

26 Padoshi
Dir: Akkta Panwar; 37 min; Gujarati and Hindi with English subtitles; 2016; Documentary
The transgender community in India has always been synonymous with a particular kind of job despite having enjoyed various roles in ancient India and Hindu mythology. But there is a lot more that this particular community is involved in that not many are aware of. Their voices and true stories are often hushed in the larger scheme of things in contemporary India.

27 Samay Se Pehle
Dir: Vineet Horo; 24 min; Hindi and English; 2016; Documentary
A film on premature children.

18th Madurai Film Festival : Films from India List 01

Films from India - Synopsis

1.   Galli ( the lane)
Dir: Santosh Ram; 19:00; Marathi; 2015; Short Film
Galli (The Lane) is about the people and the Life  in the Lane   . The Lane   in the times of a modern small town India which is restless and wants to break free from its shackles of convention, moral and existential crisis and the rigid socio-cultural structure. The Film tries to explore the incidents happening in Seven days time

2.    Aasaiyenum
Dir: Navaraj; 21:37; Tamil; 2016; Short Film
Desires are the root cause for dissappointments or stress or worry. Sanjay, the 12 year old boy plans to go to their town’s carnival along with his friends for the first time.he gets a less amount than what his friends have decided to bring.

3.     Abhinay
Dir: Shridhar Sudhir; 23:00; Hindi/English; Short film
The story revolves around a young protagonist who is disillusioned by his life, and is trying to figure out a purpose that would define his existence. 

4.     Vande mataram
Dir: Shridhar Sudhir; 27:00; Hindi/ English/ Gujarati; documentary
Vande mataram strives to take a brief and historical look into the idea of the nation and nationalism in modern India, and juxtapose it with its manifestations in contemporary society.

5.     Nuclear Hallucinations
Dir: Fathima Nizaruddin; 54:00; Tamil, English; Documentary
Nuclear hallucinations is a film, which claims to be a documentary, and it is centered the anti-nuclear struggle against the kudankulam atomic power project in south India.

6.    Orey Ganam
Dir: Arun Bhagath; 20:17; Tamil; 2016; Short Film
Journey of an ignored youth and the gateway he meets in his journey.

7.     Appoppanthaadi ( Floating Milkweeds)
Dir: Sivaprasad K.V; 26:09; Malayalam; 2016; Short Film
Appoppanthaadi (Floating Milkweeds), a sweet reminiscent tale of 'loss' begins when a gang of friends meet up on a Maundy Thursday to booze on ’Memories’ (a fictional liquor brand).

8.     Sirens of Grief 
Dir:Aniket Prakash Deore ; 29:00; Gujarati, Hindi and English; Documentary
“Sirens of grief” is about the rise of the textile industry in Ahmedabad (once known as ‘Manchester of East’), its downfall and subsequent impact on mill workers & their families. 

9.    An Affair
Dir: Ninni R Sahu; 17:00; Hindi; Short Fiction
Taarini is a 25 year old wife who is married to a 27 year old Girish who works as a bank manager in Ahmedabad in 2015. Girish, who got recently posted to a bank manager lately, is a workaholic who hardly has time for family and hardly communicates with his spouse who stays home as a housewife. 

10.  Broken Chord
Dir: Anubha Jain; 22:20; Short film; 2015
What will happen if one day you are not allowed to express yourself anymore? You are told that expressing yourself is a symptom of a sickness? The cure is living in a total state of inactivity.

11.  Insight
Dir: Shwet Rajguru, Zara Davina Mann & Charlene Fernandes; 19:09; English; Short Film
Upasana Makati decided to launch a Braille English lifestyle magazine to provide information and entertainment to its visually impaired readers. The magazine’s subscribers—Kriti Banga  and Ummehani Bagasrawala—and Vijay Nawale from The National Association for the Blind tell us about the magazine. 

12.  Mandakini Ki Goonj
Dir: Zara Davina Mann; 01:51; English; Short film
This broadcast report traces the impact of the community radio station ‘Mandakini Ki Awaz’ on its listeners who inhabit tiny hamlets scattered on the hills of Rudraprayag.

13.  Super Uncle 
Dir:Darshana Jain; 03:31; Hindi; Short Film
Mr Syed Feroze Ashraf, also known as Uncle, gave up his illustrious career of writing, journalism, NGO work etc. - in order to educate underprivileged children. The one incident that shattered him the most was the 1992 riots that took place in Bombay now known as Mumbai. He has transformed the lives of many underprivileged children.

14.  Thiraikathai
Dir: Varatharajan;16:51; Tamil; Short film
The Story portrays the actual mentality of an assistant director who thinks about a concept and leaves it behind, with the disapproval from hishead (the producer). Later he changes the concept and recreates it, this suits the mood of the producer. I wanted to show this simple concept with lots of ideas and twists in the screenplay and Iwanted to show the reality in the fantasy world of the director.

15.  Visuvaasam 
Dir: Manibharathi Thraiyur; 15:38; Tamil; 2015; Short Film
After being away from family for 20 years, the father wants to get back to his wife and grownup sons. Despite the elder son’s warning, younger son decides to bring him back understanding his mother’s wish. In this effort, he gets to know the another face of the world. 

16.  Save the Sparrow
Dir: Shweta Rajguru
03:54; English; Short film
The chirpy Sparrows may soon disappear from Mumbai, into the folds of the internet, books and paintings. There are reasons galore for this decline in their numbers, but concerned people are trying unusual methods to keep the sparrow-chirp alive.

17.  With Grace
Dir: Rajbir Kaur
14:51; English; 2016; Documentary
With Grace shares the love and care with which Grace serves the street dogs of Rishikesh. She had been treating and healing them for the past nine years.