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18th Madurai Film Festival 2016: Sudheer Gupta - Filmmaker in Focus

18th Madurai Film Festival 2016 : Sudheer Gupta – Filmmaker in Focus

Born 3rd January 1960, Mother tongue: Hindi
Lives in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Alumni : CHS, JNU (1981-83,94-97);  FTII, Pune (1984-87)

Making independent and commissioned documentary films since 1990. Films about social realities, developmental delimmas, environment issues, folk-traditions, folk-performers and artists. Films shot in India, Germany, UK and USA. Films exhibited all over the world through various TV networks and film festivals.

 Films by Sudheer Gupta : 

1.    “Song of a Painter”
40 mins./DV/2006/Hindi with subtitles in English

A chance biography of an extraordinary painter Manohar Deolalikar who lived on the streets in Delhi for over 30 years till his demise in 2003. This painter also sang hauntingly.

2.    “Anant Kalakar” (Timeless Artist)
33 mins./HDV/2006/Hindi & Rajasthani with subtitles in English

In a short film introducing the myriads arts and artists of eastern and western Rajasthan revealing their mesmerizing effect and their music.

3.    “Three Generations of Jogi Umar Farukh
52 mins./HD/2010/ Hindi & Rajasthani with subtitles in English

A film travelling to muslim jogis of Alvar, Mewat, Rajasthan while documenting three generations of Jogi Umar Farukh the chief protagonist.

4.    “Dream of a Painter”
40 mins./HD/2011/English with subtitles

A chance biography of an English coal-miner Robert Page who turned to his lifetime passion of painting at the age of 70. He painted his life spent in the mines. 

“Dancing Pandavas”
72 mins./HD/2013

It's a travel film that traces folk practices related to Pandavs of the Mahabharata in Western Himalayas. This film is the first ever record of folk-beliefs of people considering Pandavs as their ancestors in stories, theatre, possession, dance, agnostic games, a large heritage of broken or incomplete temples, spreading across Garhwal Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.
The film was produced for Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts, New Delhi.

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