Friday, November 18, 2016

18th Madurai Film Festival 2016 : Women Making Films

18th Madurai Film Festival 2016

Special packages  # 1

Women Making Films – Curated by Vaishnavi Sundar

The World Before Her
Dir : Nisha Pahuja; 152 min

The World Before Her is a Canadian documentary film, released in 2012. Written and directed by Nisha Pahuja, the film explores the complex and conflicting environment for young girls in India by profiling two young women participating in two very different types of training camp — Ruhi Singh , who aspires to become Miss India, and Prachi Trivedi, a Hindu nationalist with the Durga Vahini.

A Pinch of Skin
Dir: Priya Goswami; 27 min

A Pinch of Skin is documentary on the Female Genital Cutting in India. The film juxtaposes voice of questioning dissent along with pro tradition voice; to weave complex fabric of the social norm which propells the community to cut their seven year old daughters.

Bachelor Girls
Dir: Shikha Makan; 65 min

In the heart of Mumbai, the leading urban metropolis of India, single independent women are facing housing discrimination because of their status of being 'unmarried'. ‘Bachelor Girls' as labeled by the society, struggle to find homes amidst many biases, and question the idea of freedom for women in today's modern India.

Banaz a love story
Dir :Deeyah Khanl; 70 min

This is a documentary film chronicling an act of overwhelming horror -- the honour killing of Banaz Mahmod, a young British woman in suburban London in 2006, killed and "disappeared" by her own family, with the agreement and help of a large section of the Kurdish community, because she tried to choose a life for herself.

Vaishnavi Sundar:

Ex corporate PR, writer, filmmaker and a feminist. Merging activism and art through films, she has founded the production company, Lime Soda Films ( to produce feminist content. She is also the founder of Women Making Films (, a community for female filmmakers to come together and collaborate.

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