Thursday, December 4, 2014

16th Madurai Film Festival 2014: Additional Venue

16th Madurai Film Festival 2014
8 December; Department of Folklore and Culture Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University


10 am Thousand Days and a dream
Dir: C.Sarat Chandran and P.Baburaj; 60 min; Malayalam with English subtitles; 2006

As is unraveled in the documentary ‘Thousand days and a Dream’, history is created in that small village by ordinary peasant women, children and men. A struggle, inspired by a simple desire to save good water for future generations was launched against another struggle which was inspired by a complex greed to amass wealth. Money, good will of political system, social influence and media control was with Coca Cola. But villagers had simplicity of heart, purity of intention, strength of unity and a truthful cause to fight for.

11:00 Interaction with P.Baburaj (Retrospective)

11:30 Hindustan Hamara
Dir: RV Ramani; 98 min; Marathi, Hindi, English; 2013; Documentary

R.V. Ramani, a cinematographer and an auteur in his own right, follows Anand Patwardhan, the preeminent social justice film maker, as the latter goes about screening his films across diverse audiences in the country

1:15 Lunch break

2:00 Red Ant Dream
Dir: Sanjay Kak; 119 min; English, Odiya, Hindi, Punjabi; 2013; Documentary

‘Let us declare that the state of war does exist and shall exist’ – Bhagat Singh. The film takes us into the political world of those who live by the revolutionary ideal in India. It moves between Orissa, Punjab and Bastar. It includes the poetry of Pash, the famous late Punjabi poet.

4:00 Thee Varaivu
Dir: Poonkuzhali; 60 min; Tamil with English subtitles; 2014

In a society where social, political, economical aspects, along with caste and religious pride, continue to remain the overriding factors in arranging marriages rather than biological factors. The film drives home the point that the risks of genetical disorders in close-kin marriages are equally overriding.

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