Monday, December 2, 2013

15th Madurai Film Festival 2013: International Films: Documentaries

15th Madurai Film Festival 2013


1)  Alegria do lar/ The Joy of a Home
Dir: Ana Isabel Martins; 20 mins; Portuguese; 2013; Portugal
 My grandparents José and Justina Moreira are an elderly couple who have lived together for 50 years. He likes to be in the backyard taking care of the vegetables, giving corn to the chickens and reading. She prepares the meals, cleans the house and makes the arrangements of the family's clothes. Their home is the place where they spend more time together, where they share frustrations and where they keep the memories of their life. “The Joy of a Home” is a portrait of the people who raised me up to 5 years old and the house where I built my main foundations. Right now I'm 23 and I still like to visit my grandparents.

2) Sorry to Interrupt
Dir: Dravid M. Lorenz ; 13mins; German; 2012; Germany
The Berlin Underground has just pulled out as a voice resounds: “Dear ladies and gentlemen,  excuse me for interrupting…” Everybody is watching the homeless woman selling a well-known street newspaper. But what does SHE actually see?

3)  In Zukunft / In Future
Dir: Darja Pilz; 64mins; Russian; 2013; Germany
The small village Future lies nestled somewhere in the middle of the Russian taiga. Forgotten by their country, its dwellers are fighting the harsh Russian winter and are defying the demise of their home. While the rest of the country is enthusiastic about the current presidential election, the prospects for Future could be a lot better.
A both cheerful and melancholy farewell to a village on the outskirts of modernity. An ode  to transience.

4)  Casa Luz / House of Light
Dir: Towanda Films / Navina Khatib; 64 mins; Spanish; 2013; Germany

The documentary film "Casa Luz" gives an insight into the everyday life of Peruvian orphans. A life full of poverty, loss and grief – a path they did not choose – and yet they still manage to find their way.
A day in the life of supervisor Luz Ayala Gonzales starts early and often ends after midnight. Everyday, she and the other social workers take care of 53 boys and girls aged 0-19 years. The children's home "Casa Luz" was founded by the Argentinean Mariela Clark in the late 1990s.

5)  Made You Look
Dir: Sigal Yona; 14 mins 08 secs; Hebrew; 2012; Israel
 Dede paints immense works on walls and fences; Natalie produces flowers and insects from parts of old cars and sprouts electrical wires at remote street corners. "Made you Look" depicts an encounter between those who choose to create in the streets.

6) La Primavera de Juan Pita
Dir: Miguel Pita; 10 mins; Spanish; 2013; Spain
 This film shows the process of creation of an artistic piece, a painting by artist Juan Pita following several painting sessions. This documentary depicts the techniques and different stages of the creative process. At the same time it uncovers daily anecdotes and circumstances that are part of the artist’s studio.

7)  Kresaletan
Dir: Juan Bidegain; 18mins; Spanish; 2013; Spain
Silent witnesses of the memory.

8) At the ball of fortune
Dir: Denis Kurochka ;08 mins 40 secs; Silent; 2012; Russia

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