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15th Madurai Film Festival 2013: Rest of India:Short Films

15th Madurai Film Festival 2015



1.       Aakhir (At last)
         Dir: Tarun Jain; 15 mins 40 secs; Hindi; 2012; India

Two young adults take on a journey. One has no clue about where they are proceeding. The other has a motive to hide. They fetch a stranger whose chemistry with his pet mouse is lovable. Who are these travelers? A mastermind, a believer, a psychopath and an unknown destination. Strange conversations and incidents take place blurring the difference between myth and reality.

2.      Melawa – The festival of marriages
          Dir: Junaid Imam; 17 mins 25 secs; Hindi; 2013; India

Melawa- the festival of marriages, is the story of a small village girl. In one of the school drawing competition, Manju presents the blunt reality of innocent girls in her village. Based on superstitious belief, Manju’s father arranges for her marriage, but she takes a bold decision.

3.      Ek Kulta Ek Raja- The Only King
           Dir: Junaid Imam; 17 mins 25 secs; Marathi; 2013; India

A few moments spent in the fascinating life of dreams is much better than spending the entire life with harsh reality. Bali, the farmer, dreams of a day when the bankers are requesting him to take a loan from their banks, the money lenders are pleading to take the money from them, the dalals are fighting to buy the yield from him, the government officer is treating him like a king and he along with his family living a luxurious life. But, what he actually faced that day was something very different. Something, which many like him have done before and are still doing. Bali compromised his life to stay in the life of dreams for ever.

4.      The Boy And The Parrot
             Dir: Sagar Shriskar; 8mins 23 secs; English; 2013; India

The Boy and the Parrot is a story about a boy who had a parrot as a pet. He loved him very much and would often invite his friends over so that they could all play with it. He would feed his pet all its favorite food, like chilies and guavas, until one day his father freed the parrot of its cage. The boy cried but couldn't stop his father. Missing his special friend a lot, the boy could think of
little else. One day, he went to the market in search of a helium balloon. On locating the balloon seller he bought one, but no sooner had he held it than it escaped from his grip and floated away. He discovered that he didn't have enough money to buy another balloon, but as he turned away, disappointed, the balloon-seller called out to him and handed him another one. Coming back home the boy sat down and wrote a letter to the parrot. He, then, attached this letter to the balloon he had bought and walking up to the window where he had last seen his friend, he let it float up and away.

5.      Saknoia (The river flows)
            Dir: Kanjan Kishore Nath; 13mins; Assamese; 2013; India

Fishing by boat in rivers is an age-old practice in rural Assam. This short-film highlights the plight of the poor farmers of rural Assam by projecting the life of a man and his family. The film shows the extent of vicious circle of poverty that prevails in rural society. Haridhan earns his livelihood by catching fish in the river with the help of his small boat. His son Akan also helps him. A rich village leader wants to grab Haridhan’s boat. But Haridhan refuses. The village leader sends a few men to steal the boat at night from the river bank but they kill Haridhan when he comes to save his boat.

6.      From Beyond
            Dir: Rajbir Kaur; 10mins 30sec; English; 2013; India

From Beyond ventures into the dark alleys of the mind. It explores what lies behind the multiple masks of human personalities. It travels deep down in the void of chaos only to come out in the serene silence.

7.      As Usual
           Dir: Parashar Naik; 7 mins, 50 secs;  English, Hindi; 2013; India

A story of a young boy who is stuck in a repetitive relationship. The film portrays a change in perspective of the protagonist after a conversation with a friend.

8.      Gutthi – The Riddle
             Dir: Abishek Chatterjee; 29mins; Hindi; 2012; India

Noted writer, Anand Rajan catches the building's garbage collector, Khalil, searching frantically through his dustbin. Suffering from a writer's block, he becomes curious about Khalil and starts spying upon him. This leads to a revelation of some very interesting things about the man and in order to delve deep into his life Rajan invites him over to his house for a session of weed. The lonely writer very soon finds a friend in this unusual company and starts warming up to him. They both start sharing queer incidents from their lives with each other.
Gutthi (The Riddle ) is a story about this night-long conversation they have and how this leads to unlocking of several mysteries in their lives.

9.      Every Silence Another Doubt
            Dir: Vivek Asri; 19 mins 40 secs; Hindi; 2013; India

 ‘Every Silence Another Doubt’ talks about a childless couple. And in India, being childless is a big taboo. Women have to suffer even if the problem lies with the man. This film depicts the story of a childless couple where husband is infertile and wife is fit. Medical reports also prove the fact. How does this situation affect the relationship? ‘Every Silence Another Doubt’ film is like a Bermuda triangle where husband, wife and mother seem lost. They try to reconnect with each other.

10.  Villari
            Dir: Prashant Vanjani; 17 mins; Hindi; 2013; India

A fugitive man takes refuge in a nondescript lodge. He doesn't step out of his room for a few days. In his thoughts, dreams, and hallucinations, the presence of another man is felt, who seems like the one expected to hunt him down. Does this other man arrive one morning?

11.  Beyond the Hill
            Dir: Akshay Dilip Ware; 10mins; Marathi; 2013; India

They are demolishing hills to build big posh cities. They call it development. And what they offer to the sufferers is to leave their simple way of life. Beyond the hill is a story of an old man who denies to giving his own land to these builders. He refuses to accept the lifestyle which proposes materialistic perks but takes away life close to nature. But power is always hungry. It devours everything...even the hills. But if there will be no hill, how can we see beyond?

12.  Kanche Aur Postcards / Marbles and Postcards
            Dir: Ridham Janve; 29 mins 55secs; Hindi; 2013; India

Kanche aur Postcard is an everyday, lighthearted story of a schoolboy wanting and being denied a game of marbles while on vacation. Seen through the young protagonist’s eyes, though, it is a story full of drama; with deeply felt rejections, difficult choices and unfortunate compromises.
Through its innocence and simplicity, Kanche aur Postcard explores deeper themes of class, caste, control and acceptance. The film also reminds us of the often overlooked yet very essential differences of perception and understanding between children and adults.

13.  Chandmiya
            Dir: Suhaas Karnekar; 19mins 35secs; Hindi; 2012; India

Based on a true story, Chandmiya depicts the destiny of a cotton mill worker. The cotton mill was shut down forcing him to opt for an alternative job. He decides to leave town and buys an old tin box to begin a business in his native village. A bed ridden wife, an unmarried daughter and the meager income puts him in many trials and tribulations.
In the end, he discovered that there were gold coins hidden inside the tin box he had been carrying for years. Destiny plays a vital role in life…

14.  E Kaalath
            Dir: Jenith kachapally; 8mins; Malayalam; 2013; India

E Kaalath as the name suggests, narrates the story of a present day teenager Sanju, who gets a chance to meet up with a girl online. The story revolves around his emotions, his relationships, the values he possesses and also, leaves some unanswered questions about the fragility of life in this electronic age!!!

15.  Rab da vasta…
            Dir: Chakravarty devulapalii; 10mins 45secs; Punjabi; 2013; India

Must you kill in order to live? When a non- typical customer walks in and demands a shave, a small time barber with a traumatic past deliberates and faces an epiphany of sorts.

16.  Amidst Dark
Dir: Sohini Singh; 11mins; Hindi, English; 2013; India

When somebody leaves could there be a loved one waiting for them at the other end? Here’s how a woman driven to extreme sadness finds peace after revisiting her old memories.

17.  The Visit
             Dir: Moa Kichu; 22mins; Nagamese; 2012; India

The Visit explores the disrupted world of the Nagas through the eyes of a young urban boy vacationing in his native village. While his aunt recuperates from her bullet wound, he enters into an uneasy engagement with a local boy. Amid several charged encounters, the mistrust progressively melts into mild tolerance even as the holiday comes to an end and an understanding remains elusive still.

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