Monday, December 5, 2011

13th Madurai Film Festival : List 03

13th Madurai Film Festival 2011
Films from Rest of India

A1. A Small Hope
Director: Abivyakthi Media for Development; 6 min; 2011; Hindi with English subtitles; Music Video; Rest of India; Mini DV
Nasik is a sacred place. Burial of funeral ash, prayers and its similar deeds people offer gold, silver and coins at Ramkund, one of the banks of river Godavari. Children daily from flying flocks of migrant communities pick up the same offering diving into the spoiled river water and struggle to make a living for themselves.

A2. Shwet
Director: Kanchan Ghosh; 29 min; 2010; Hindi/English subtitles; short film; Rest of India; HD Cam
Shwet looks at quantifiable and unquantifiable nature of pain. The pain of Mahadev, unable to support his family is clear and understandable. Rishi, a middle aged disillusioned filmmaker trapped in his isolation personifies this.

A3. Dilli
Director: Sushmit Ghosh & Rintu Thomas; 22 min; HD
A4. Partners of Crime
Director: Paromita Vohra; 94 min; 2011; Hindi & English; documentary; Rest of India; HDV
Partners in Crime takes you on a rollicking trip through the grey worlds of copy right, art and the market in a story about love, money and crime.

A5. Far from the Mainstream
Director: Patdeep Chaudari; 14 min; 2011; Hindi; Documentary; Rest of India
Sanjharis of Maharashtra, known as Neharryahs at West Bengal sweep and collect small particles of gold and silver from heap of dust, fallen in front of jewellery shops, from the shirts and feet of goldsmiths.

A6. Inside Out
Director: Shilpi Gulati & Divya Cowasji; 26 min; 2010; English, Hindi; documentary; Rest of India; DV
The film “Inside Out” was born out of the angst that even in the 21st century, in a city as liberal and safe as Mumbai, women’s access to public space is limited and largely relegated to the sphere of purposefulness.

A7. Cotton for My Shroud
Director: Nandan Saxena & Kavita Bahl; 81 min; 2011; Hindi, Marathi, English; Documentary; Rest of India; HD
Since 1995, a quarter of a million Indian farmers have committed suicide – the largest wave of recorded suicides in human history. Most of them were cotton farmers from Vidharba in Maharashtra.

A8. IF
Director: Khanjan Kishore Nath; 17 min; 2010; Hindi; Short film; Rest of India; HD
All alone in this world an old man during his regular visit to the nearby bus stop he meets a kid… despite of their generation gap they became good friends.

A9. Vidrohi
Director: Niting K Pamnani; 44 min; 2011; Hindi; Documentary; Rest of India
This film was meant to be on poetry but transcended to a narrative of a person who lives in poetry. Through his poems, Ramashankar Vidrohi, an unknown, undocumented poet holds a mirror to his people yet his verses nurture many innocent dreams.

A10. Sona Gaha Pinjra (The Golden Cage)
Director: Biju Toppu; 20 min; 2010; Kurukh (Jarkhand); Short film; Rest of Inda
The Golden Cage, is short fiction film made on the Nawakhani (harvesting festival), which is celebrated with great traditional fervor among Kurukh indigenous people of Jharkhand.

A11. Qasba Sanskriti: Amroha
Director: Yousuf Saeed; 40 min; 2011; Urdu/Hindi; Documentary; Rest of India; DVCam
This documentary film explores the material culture, performing arts and crafts of Amroha, a small town near Delhi in north India.

A12. The Sore Thumb
Director: Ahona Datta Gupta; 13 min 29 sec; 2011; English, Hindi, Gujarti; Short film: Rest of India; 7D
After a decade a wanted criminal has been caught. He is not a murderer but someone who likes to chop off his victims’ fingers after having irrelevant bets with them.

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