Monday, December 5, 2011

13th Madurai Film Festival 2011- list 02

13th Madurai Film Festival 2011
South India – Non Competition

1a. Beyond the Hustle and Bustle
Director: Mustafa Desamangalam; Duration: 28 min.; Original Language: Malayalam;
Short synopsis: This is a short journey with patients and their families who are with life- limiting disease. It reveals various social problems which is our society really facing.

2a. My Camera and Tsunami
Director: R.V.Ramani; Duration: 90 minutes; Original Language : English, Tamil, Bengali (with Eng. Subtitles)
Short synopsis: The film shares special moments that the filmmaker experienced with his camera, a special bonding over a period of 4 years, in terms of creating cinematic imagery, relating, exploring, seeking and interpreting notions of his reality.

3a. Pestering Journey
Dir:KR Manoj; 66 Minutes; 2010; English, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi, Tulu
A voyage through two similar pesticide tragedies in post independent India, Pestering Journey interrogates the legitimate forms and technologies of killing available in a culture. In an atypical move it challenges and changes the idioms of pesticide and genocide. It is a journey which takes a pestering turn and blurs the boundaries of nature and culture, of self and other, of life and death and many other comfortable binaries.

4a. Thodarum Neethi Kolaihal (Continuing Judicial Murders)
Director: Amudhan R.P.; Duration: 124 minutes; Tamil; 2011
Short synopsis:
When the state or a ruler decides to kill (punish) some one or a group of people in the name of justice and law does the state or a ruler become a killer again to compensate a crime? Does a civil society need these killing machines to maintain law and order? And who gets killed by these mechanisms anyway? Why does India still refuse to abolish capital punishment when it has other methods to annihilate its internal and external enemies? The questions continue.

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