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21st Madurai Film Festival 2019 : International films - Short Fiction, Animation & Music Video

21st Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2019

International films -Short fiction, Animation & Music Video

1) Diary of an Outsider
Dir: Sandeep Ravindranath; 14 min; Hindi, English; USA and India; Short fiction

Contemplating issues of alienation and crisis of identity faced by immigrants in a milieu that is foreign to them, Diary of an Outsider is the story of an Indian immigrant student in the U.S., set against the backdrop of contemporary political narratives in those two countries.

2) The Surgeon (El Cirujano)
Dir: Benjamín Villaverde; 17 min; No dialogue; Spain; Short fiction

A plastic surgeon finds no inspiration for his beauty operations, until he meets a woman.

3) Kaikki Turhaa
Dir: Benjamín Villaverde; 5 min; Spanish, Finnish; Spain, Finland; Short fiction

Music video of the song 'On kaikki turhaa' (Everything is futile), performed by the Finnish band Kotiaresti.

4) Primeiro Ato (First Act)
Dir: Matheus Parizi; 19 min; Portuguese with English subtitles; Brazil; Short fiction

When the tutor insists his students to concentrate on the class, a public cause distracts the youngsters.

5) War for Keyboard Warriors
Dir: LAM CAN-ZHAO; 3 min; No dialogue; China; Animation

The Keyboard Warrior seeks to use the power imbued in his 'weapon' to effect death and destruction upon his foes.

6) Mumoon
Dir: João Oliveira; 1 min; No dialogue; Portugal; Animation

MuMoon is the story of a cow that decides to make his dream come true! which is to project a movie on the moon...

7) Rotation
Dir: Moisés Rodrigues; 2 min; No dialogue; Portugal; Animation

Paper with dots, lines and three-dimensionality.

8) The Tram
Dir: Anne Opotowsky; 16 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

A psychiatry student gets on a tram that delivers him twenty-five years into the future, where an unexpected encounter awaits him.

9) And So He Opens His Eyes
Dir: Sergey Vasiliev; 12 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

A small swindler after an unsuccessful coincidence finds himself in the afterlife court as a defendant. The judge is a man, who he literally to death annoy during his lifetime.

10) The Narrator
Dir: Julia Trofimova; 10 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia, USA; Short fiction

As part of an experimental therapy, a depressed employee must navigate his office job with a personal narrator who speaks aloud his every thought.

11) Reflection
Dir: Valentina Bodrova; 25 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

The first painful experience in love, complicated relationship with mother who is afraid of her daughter repeating her mistakes as well as moving to another country - these circumstances make the crucial changes in a female lead’s worldview.

12) Staple
Dir: Natalia Bereg; 7 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

He is young, successful, but suddenly this disaster happens, and here is his loving body lying in the hospital room motionless. Where is this stormy life, this weariness of sleepless nights and memories?

13) S
Dir: lya Sherstobitov; 9 min; Uzbek with English subtitles; Armenia, Belarus, Uzbekistan; Short fiction

This story can happen in any city in the world. There are no heroes and the life goes out of the frame, like a time in the hourglass. Fear permeates every second of the finale.

14) Franka
Dir: Mitry Semenov-Aleynikov; 29 min; Belarusian with English subtitles; Belarus; Short fiction

Belarus, the year of 1943. A shell-shocked German soldier comes to farmstead where women shelter from the war. The women are scared of him and almost finish him off. But they take pity on the soldier at the last minute and let him stay with them.

15) Spare
Dir: Vitaly Shepelev; 12 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

A three of glamorous characters, trying to get to a fashion show on time, is calling a taxicab with an autopilot navigation. The smart system is choosing the route away from the dangerous districts with criminal gangs. But there is a temptation to make the route shorter..

16) The Bodyguard
Dir: Andrey Anisin; 11 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

The main character gets a lot of money in the bank and calls the bodyguard for escort.

17) Praskovya
Dir: Alexander Solovyov; 5 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

Praskovya continues working in the Bank despite hunger in the freezing siege of Leningrad. Her husband went to war. The only thing he left is the ink pot.

18) The Ear
Dir: Andrey Stadnikov; 11 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

The passengers of the special taxicab are pouring out their hearts to the driver. A humble and silent boy with a soft smile and understanding eyes is hearing out the confessions of a “real” man, a rich lady, and a freaked out security officer. Who is this strange mind reader psychotherapist driving the black cab?

19) “Hedgehog in Africa”
Dir: Alexander Sparinsky and Oksana Karpus; 3 min; Ukrainien with English subtitles; Ukraine; Music video

“Hedgehog in Africa” - musical adventures cartoon for the youngest; because this continent attracts everyone - beasts, pirates, children...and cinematographers.

20) And the Waltz Grows Louder
Dir: Ravshaniya; 17 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

This strange story took the Smirnov family by surprise in the morning in the countryside. The mother of three children decided to finally bring down the mystery that had tormented her husband for the past few years.

21) Clown
Dir: Vladimir Flakenkov; 4 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short film

We live to find our destination. Or our destination gives us life? Are 3 minutes enough to discuss this?

22) On My Own Land
Dir: Olexander Kyrienko; 7 min; Ukrainien with English subtitles; Ukraine; Short fiction

The aged people Hordii and Uliana are going to leave their native village which is suffering from

war now. They go to the highway where they pick up a car. But at the last moment Hordii refuses to leave his own land.

23) Arkady
Dir: Ekaterina Stashevskaya; 12 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

Our times. The time of tolerance, total equality and fraternity. An intern, a trial of the experimental all-national program “Tolerant Russia”, comes in the police station of the N city. Arkadiy Chuzhikov, the young and law-abiding, orthograde and Russian speaking brown bear.

24) Alice
Dir : Vasilisa Kuzmina; 15 min; Russian with English subtitles; Russia; Short fiction

There is an anniversary of the relationship between a taxi driver Misha and his voice assistant Alice. They seem to be an ideal couple - they agree with different things : from sense of humor to musical tastes. Will a pretty passenger be able to destroy their relationship?

25) Salt and Bread
Dir: Arch-Aspet Shermazanyan; 13 min; Russian with English subtitles; Armenia; Short fiction

The film is based on the Biblical Parable of the Prodigal Son and tells about a village, cut off from the world and hidden in the mountains of Lori, Armenia.

26) The Same Old Story
Dir: Ekaterina Beloborodova; 14 min; Russian with English subtitles; Ukraine; Short fiction

Natalia is a long-time secret admirer of the popular Italian writer. New books, conferences with the writer are the main sense of her gloomy life. Once she wins the prize, a dinner with her idol. This meeting changes her self-perception.

27 Afganistanii
Dir: Adrian Silisteanu; 17 min; Romania; Romanian with English subtitles; Short fiction

Sporadic gunshots echo among the ruins of a village which, though abandoned, is an objective of great import for the Romanian government. This forces two young men to lead a hard negotiation, both for the fate of the settlement and for their own future.

28) After the Beep
Dir: Florian Bison; 2:33 min; English subtitles; USA; Short fiction

Irvondra, an adrenaline driven biker girl from Brooklyn, redefines the image of a single mother when one day, she receives a call.

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