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19th Madurai Film Festival - Screening Schedule : Day 2, 7 Dec 2017

19th Madurai Film Festival - Screening Schedule : Day 2, 7 Dec 2017

Day 02; 7 December at Department of Tamil, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram

Session 01

CINEMA OF PRAYOGA: THE RIGOUR OF AUSTERITY – Special package by Amrit Gangar, curator / critic / film historian

9:30 am Introduction by Amrit Gangar

10 am: CINEMA OF PRAYOGA (Dir: Amrit Gangar; 40 mins)

Cinema of Prayōga is a conceptual framework that locates the history of experimental film in India within an ancient pre-modern tradition of innovation, of prayōga. Cinema of Prayōga is a theory of filmic practice, which challenges the dominant forms of filmic expression in contemporary India, including the all-pervading Bollywood or the social realism of Indian New Wave.

KRAMASHA (TO BE CONTINUED…) Dir.: Amit Dutta; 2007, 22 mins

An ascetic walks through the narrow streets of a village every morning while his family is still asleep. In his semi-somnolent state he dreams about the history of the village mixing up myths, folklore and facts.

11 am Tea break

11:15 RATI CHAKRAVYUH (Dir: Ashish Avikunthak; 2013, 105 mins)

After a mass wedding during a lunar eclipse, six newlywed couples and a priestess meet to discuss life, death and everything else, which leads them to commit mass suicide.

1:15 Lunch break

Session 02

2:00 pm Missing Reels of Tamil Cinema (Dir: Sugeeth Krishnamoorthy; 100 min; Tamil with Eng subtitles; Documentary; India)

'The Missing Film Reels of Thamizh Cinema (1916 - 2016)' is an amateur documentary project that attempts to chronicle the history and evolution of Thamizh cinema in its hundred year history, with a specific focus on special films, which are either considered 'lost' or 'missing'.

3:40 Interaction with Sugeeth Krishnamoorthy, filmmaker

4:00 Vote of thanks

Day 2; 7th December 2017 at Advocates Association, Madurai Bench of Madras High Court

5:30 pm Women of Freedom (Dir: Abeer Zeibad Haddad; 57 min; Arabic with Eng subtitles; Documentary; Palestine, Israel)

Women of Freedom follows the stories of women who were murdered in the name of ‘Honor Killing', in the Arab and Palestinian society. This documentary aims to unravel the social and political circumstances that lead to this troubling phenomenon.

6:30 Interaction

6:45 PRINTED RAINBOW (Animation/English/35mm/15min/color/2006/India; Directed, Animated, Produced by Gitanjali Rao)

‘Printed Rainbow’ is a journey of a lonely old woman and her cat into the fantastical world of her matchbox collection.

7:00 Interction

7:15 Survey Number Zero (Dir: Priya Thuvassery; 31 min; Gujarati with Eng subtitles; Documentary; India)

Story of three women from Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. The Salt they make and a Land which has never been surveyed.

Day 02; 7 Dec 2017 at LENS Media Centre, Gnanaolipuram

4:00 Silence in the Courts (Dir: Prasanna Vithanage; 57 min; Documentary; Sri Lanka)

Two women from rural Sri Lanka, sexually abused by a Judge nearly two decades ago, try in vain to seek justice. As their plea is turned down and subverted by the country’s highest authorities, noted journalist Victor Ivan begins to write in-depth stories highlighting their plight, the state of the justice system and its lack of commitment to the downtrodden – to no avail.

5:00 Interaction

5:15 Delicate Weave (Dir: Anjali Monteiro and KP Jayasankar; 62 min; Kutchi and Hindi with Eng subtitles; Documentary; India)

A Delicate Weave, set in Kachchh, Gujarat, India, traces four different musical journeys, all converging in the ways they affirm religious diversity, syncretism and love of the other. Drawing on the poetic and musical traditions of Sant Kabir and Shah Bhitai, as well as the folk traditions of the region, these remarkable musicians and singers bear testimony to how these oral traditions of compassion are being passed down from one generation to the next.

6:15 Interaction

6:30 Echoes of the Past

Dir: Merajur Rahman Baruah ; 52 min; Hindi with Eng subtitles; Documentary; India

Donning a new avatar every day has been a way of life for 60 years old Sikandar Abbas. He was only six-months-old when he had his first performance, as the infant Lord Krishna. A ninth-generation Behrupiya from Rajasthan, the art of impersonation is his greatest inheritance. His ancestors brought comic relief to the humdrum of day-to-day life, even in the Royal courts.

7:25 Interaction

7 Dec; Kaleidoscope

5:00 pm Special Service (Dir: Ujjwal Utkarsh; 18:30 min; English, Hindi, Telugu; Documentary; India)

This piece, special service, revolves around a candle light vigil that was organised in respect of Rohith Vemula in Delhi. Surprisingly, the vigil was also NOT allowed by the state and people at the vigil were detained.

5:20 Interaction

5:30 A Walnut Tree (Dir: Ammar Azis; 92 min; Documentary; Pakistan0

An old man reminisces about a distant homeland. He wants to return. Internally displaced as a result of the ongoing war between the Pakistan army and the Taliban and forced to live in a camp, the family is caught between memories of what life was, an insecure present and a bleak future.

7:00 pm Interaction

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