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17th Madurai Film Festival 2015: International films

17th Madurai Film Festival 2015

17th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2015

List of selected films :

International films

1)      The Street Musicians
Dir: Kirill Burdov; 25 min; Russian; Documentary; 2015; Russia

Each one on the way home, descending into a pedestrian subway, notices people playing musical instruments. But not everyone knows what makes them take such a step – to go down to the dungeons of the city. What a plight it is to be a street musician? What are the rules and regulations of this sub culture?

2)      Abnormal Behavior
Dir: Evgeniya Tamakhina ; 26 min; Russian, English; Short film; 2015; RussiaThailand

A mental health doctor goes off on a journey to Thailand with his girlfriend. They live with her friends. She enjoys the vacation and he works at his dissertation in psychiatry. People around him seem to him no less sick than in the nuthouse, until he falls in strange circumstances…

3)      Tradition
Dir: Dmitry Golubov; 24 min; Russian; Short film; 2015; Russia

A provincial police station has a tradition to trespass in the house of their offender. An intern must go through this baptism of fire.

4)      Moving in Circles
Dir: Maxim Dashkin; 14 min; Russian; Short film; 2015; Russia

Maria lives with her husband at the military base and dreams of getting out from the bad living conditions. The husband does not share Maria’s dreams. Maria decides to accept the offer of another officer.

5)      Beyond
Dir: Yuriy Kalyuzhniy; 10 min; Russian; Documentary; 2015; Russia

There are places where people live very differently. They are beyond the hustle and endless planning; beyond the rest of the world and time. This story is about such people.

6)      Rebalda
Dir: Elena Otrepyeva; 33 min; Russian; Documentary; 2014; Russia

Ex –convict tries to start a new life with his family on a remote island in the labor to get seaweed. Surrounded by forest and sea together with companions in misfortune, they live in their “concentrated” world according to their rules. Challenging the system and society, they prove that they are able to preserve human dignity, ingenuousness, kindness and faith in people despite the twists and turns of life.

7)      Blessed Africa
Dir: Aminata Embalo; 52 min; Portuguese; Documentary; 2014; Portugal

Quintino Na Pana is a 29 years old man from Guinea, with five children. Teacher of physical education at the secondary and a college student, he suffers with the repeated delays of his payment. Still Quinn continued with his dream: to pedal more than 1000 kms to Mauritania under the theme “Blessed Africa”.

8)      At the Edge of Europe
Dir: Mauel Bernardo Cabral; 59 min; Portuguese; Documentary; 2014; Portugal

A documentary about the most peripheral of the already ultra-peripheral region of the Azores; the film allows the Florentines, native and adopted to tell their story, giving with sincere strokes, its version of being islet on the island, with all that it contain.

9)      The Invented People
Dir: Juan Meseguer Navarro; 71 min; Portuguese, Spanish, Cape Verde; Documentary; 2015; Spain and Cape Verde

In 1984, a group of young Cape Verdeans decided to create the “Bias das Gatas” festivl on the island of San Vicente, Cape Verde. What they could not imagine was that 30 years later this festival would be a reference to the island and one of the most important annual events in the country. Its music brings echoes of an invented people.

10)  Two Days
Dir: Ruslan Ganushchak; 21 min; Ukarnian; Documentary; 2014; Ukraine

The film is dedicated to cherished memory of warriors that were killed in fights for independent Ukraine in Donbas. The film tells events of Illovoysk tragedy in the end of Aug 2014.

11)  The Ukranians
Dir: Leonid Kanter, Ivan Yasniy; 86 min; Ukranian; Documentary; 2015; Ukraine

This is a story of creating a new Ukranian army. This film is about the battle between Ukrainian army and the Russian army over the Donetsk International Airport, which lasted over 242 days. It is about heroic defense by volunteering patriots of Ukraine against a full fledged professional army of Russia.

12)  Gorbatov
Dir: Nikita Ordinskiy; 25 min; Russian; Short film; 2015; Russia

This is a tragicomedy about a former mayor of a small provincial city who took up a struggle against a young official from the new administration for the last material symbol of his past success – an old billboard.

13)  Cello Nightmare
Dir:  Marie Reich; 7 min; No language; Music video; 2015; Germany

Two musicians have a concert in the evening. But will they make it?

14)  3 Minitos
Dir: Juanma Avifue; 6 min; Spanish; Short film; 2015; Spain

2012; economic crisis flood south of Europe, many people have sunk in due to corruption in banking, too much of expenses and as a consequence, and emotional decline. Julian, our main character, is one of such victims and the police have just arrived to inquire about the mess he has made.

15)  Muse
Dir: Sergey Burov; 18 min; Russian; Short film; 2015; Russia

Young artist got a unique chance to show his paintings at the Biennale among the other famous artists. The problem is simple, the pictures have not been painted and the Biennale will be tomorrow.

16)  Four Postcards to Marta
Dir: Hernan Talavera; 10 min; English; Documentary; 2015; Spain

I have here a small film; it’s made from a few filmed post cards.

17)  600$
Dir: Oriol Cardus; 18 min; Spanish; Short film; 2014; Spain

Julian, a hired killer with many jobs behind him, is forced, due to an unexpected request, to rethink his life and the value it gives to the lives of others.

18)  Rupestre
Dir: Enrique Diego; 7 min; Spanish; Animation; 2015; Spain

A wild horse meets a boy coming from the Paleolithic. A bond of curiosity will grow between them, bud old fears, inherited from millennia, will awaken too.

19)  Ayer
Dir: Rodrigo Ruiz – Gallardon; 9 min; Spanish; Short film; 2015; Spain

Two couples discuss political issues during a dinner in a fancy restaurant.

20)  Deber (Duty)
Dir: Angel Manzano; 15 min; Spanish; 2015; Short film; Spain

Sonsoles since childhood is fascinated by magic. So when the illusionist John Mistery invites her to join in a hypnosis show, she could not be happier.

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