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16th Madurai Film Festival : Films from India

16th Madurai Film Festival 2014

Films from India

114) Poop on Poverty
Dir: Vijay S. Jodha; 6 min; Hindi; Documentary; 2013
Pushkar, a famous tourist spot in Rajasthan is also known for its camel market.
115)  Songs of the Bards of Bengal – The Bauls and Fakirs
Dir: Monalisa Dasgupta; 45 min; Bengali, English; Documentary; 2014
It is a journey to the co-existence between Hindu Bauls and Muslim Fakirs, two groups of folk artistes from Bengal.
117) Red Ant Dream
Dir: Sanjay Kak; 119 min; English, Odiya, Hindi, Punjabi; 2013; Documentary
The film takes us into the political world of those who live by the revolutionary ideal in India that include the poetry of Pash, Punjabi poet.
118) Viratham
Dir: Prithvi K.Raj; 11 min; Tamil; 2014; Short film
Due to his wife’s illness, an old man on a day of fast looks for fresh food at his daughters’ homes.
121) The Well in the Lane
Dir: Sandeep Medhe; 6 min; Marathi; 2013; Documentary
We collected money from everybody and with our hands dug this well; years later we clean it and restore our self-reliance.
122) Water
Dir: Subhash Maule; 10 min; Marathi; 2013; Documentary
A community video by migrant community members of the Kharwal village, Naskik, Maharashtra.
134) Kaaye Kaaye Sexual
Dir: Gitanjali and others; 29 min; Marathi, Hindi and English; Documentary
There are different kinds of sexualities.
136) Padmini My Love
Dir: Munmun Dhalaria and others; 19:30 min; Marathi and Hindi; 2014; Documentary
Padmini Fiat taxis, the symbol of Mumbai road are facing a threat.
137) The Red Data Book – an appendix
Dir: Sreemith, Deepu; 75 min; Malayalam; 2013; Documentary
A stunning indictment of infant mortality in Attappady, Kerala, which exposes the life and culture of advisasi from their own narration and activism.
138) Dammed
Dir: Nandan Saxena, Kavita Bahl; Hindi; 64 min; 2013; Documentary
A current look at the villagers adversely affected by a dam on the river Narmada, as they are denied all rehabilitation or relief.
139) Theevaraivu (Endogamy v. Evolution)
Dir: Poonguzhali; 60 min; Tamil; 2013; Documentary
The risks of genetic disorders in close-kin arranged marriages.
140) Gulabi Gang
Dir: Nishtha Jain; 96 min; 2012; Documentary
In the badlands of Bundelkhand, in central India, you find the Gulabi gang of women, who wrest justice for women and dalits.
141) Candles in the Wind
Dir: Kavita Bahl, Nandan Saxena; 60 min; Punjabi; 2012; Documentary
Witness to the efforts for survival of farm-widows, after their husbands’ suicide, in current Punjab.
156) Breaking News
Dir: Sidhiq P.I.; 6:18 min; Malayalam; 2014; Short film
A film by youngsters looking at contemporary global media. A lunatic is pretty to society by the intrusion of media in his life.
125) Inmayin Padal (Song of Nothingness)
Dir: Sarwothaman Sadagopan; 14 min; Tamil; 2014; Short film
The indifferent attitude of an old man, towards all forms of identities after experiencing the painful inward journey of life.
135) Dreaming Free: A series of feminist music
Dir: MA Students ‘Batch 2013 -14’; Hindi; 2014; Music video
135a) Hindustan Hamara
Dir: RV Ramani; 98 min; Marathi, Hindi, English; 2013; Documentary
R.V.Ramani, a cinematographer and an auteur in his own right, engages in a "visual conversation" with Anand Patwardhan, the prominent social justice filmmaker, as the latter goes about screening his films acroos diverse audiences in the country.
135b) Kadamai
Dir: M. Balasubramanian; 14 min; Tamil; Short film
An auto-driver in Chennai tackles his loans and the police, while struggling to make it through one day. 

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