Saturday, November 30, 2013

15th Madurai Film Festival 2013: Films from Tamilnadu : Short films

15th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2013


1.       Vakri Chokku
Dir: Krishnamoorthy; 13mins; Vakri & Tamil; 2013; India

Maruvan, (7years) having lost his mother at a very early age, lives with father Kasi, (29years) a Narikurava tribal making his living by hunting and selling wild birds. Maruvan is sent to a primary school but always comes back demanding for more facilities like new school shoes. Father tries to sell his catch but unfortunately, that month being auspicious nobody buys meat. One day Maruvan begins questioning his father about the right for every being to live and to be loved including the birds that his father hunts. Now Kasi has to find an answer.

2.      Maayai Nizhalkal
Dir: Venkat; 14mins 17sec; Silent; 2013; India

A boy from a small village gets his hands on bit of a film reel. Fascinated by his discovery and driven by his curiosity, he imagines what it is like to experience cinema. He turns his imagination into reality with passion, which can come only from love for cinema.

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