Friday, December 9, 2011

13th Madurai Film Festivals: The Awards!

13th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2011

Winners of Sarat Chandran Memorial Awards:

1) The Monologue
Director: Suresh George; Duration: 29:08; Original Language: Tamil & English

Short synopsis: The Monologue is all about exploring an illusive state of mind inside a thriving young man who bleeds inside each second to make it big as an actor someday, with hopes as string attached.

2) Thuyaram Padintha Karaikal
Director: J.D.Imaya Varman; Duration: 93 Min.; Original Language:Tamil

Short synopsis: The film narrates the miseries of the Indian Tamil fishermen who are affected by Sri Lankan Navy.


Anonymous said...

பரிசு தொகை கொடுக்கப்படவில்லையே!

Simon George said...

வணக்கம் தோழர்

மறுபக்கம் நடத்திய குறும்பட விழாவில் பங்கெடுத்து பரிசு பெற்ற படங்களுக்கு (Rs. 25000 )வழங்கப்படவில்லையா???

san said...

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