Friday, November 25, 2016

18th Madurai Film Festival : Films from India List 02

18.   Let there be Light
Dir: Supriyo Sen; 52 min; Bengali with English subtitles; 2016; Documentary
The light art industry of Chandannagar in India, originated in the sixties as small handicraft units to illuminate the Jagaddhatri Puja festival of the town. The diverse story ideas, unique innovations and creative execution, however, soon made them immensely popular in religious, social and cultural events throughout the country. Through the narrative of three generations of light artists - Sridhar Das, Kashinath Neogi and Asim Dey , the Film explores the untold stories of passion, pride, artistry and the search for identity behind the making of  the Chandannagar brand that mesmerises viewers across the globe.

19    The Factory
Dir: Rahul Roy; 120 min; Hindi with English subtitles; 2015
147 workers accused of murder and denied bail by the courts for more than two years. The ground being that granting them bail would send a wrong signal to foreign investors. 2500 workers dismissed. Haryana government hires a top Supreme Court lawyer to prosecute the workers at a daily fee of over Rs.11 lakhs.
This is the story of how we produce at India's largest automobile company -- Maruti Suzuki.
The film brings together the court case, production process and workers' attempt to form a union to reveal systems of injustice that make laws redundant and conflict inevitable.

20    Are they better off?
Dir: Aditya Seth; 60 min; English / Kashi; 2016; Documentary
Are they better off, is an exposition of Matrilineal society in Meghalaya & it’s socio-political complexities, contextualized with the status of women, nationally. Three women Hulda Kynta,52, Selinda Kharbuki, 29 & Jubelee Kharmujai, 23 reveal their customs & traditions as we journey to Shillong to celebrate Christmas in their Matrilineal homes. 

21   Iyatta (class)
Dir : Jayant Somalkar ; 10 min; Hindi/Marathi/English; 2016; Short film
In the buzzing cities of India, middle-class homes depend on part-time maids for domestic help. Sometimes cordial and sometimes conflictual, the relationship of the home-owners and the maids is deeply marked by class consciousness. ‘Iyatta’ (class) is the story of one such relationship where the maid makes a firm statement, based on a new ability acquired through education. 

22  Bidesia in Bambai
Dir: Surabi Sharma; 86 min; Bojpuri and Hindi with English subtitles; 2013; Documentary
Bidesia in Bambai is a story of music, migration and mobile phones. This film follows the plight of two ambitious singers in Mumbai who occupy extreme ends of the migrant worker's vibrant music scene, a taxi-driver chasing his first record deal and Kalpana, the star of the industry trying to get a break into Bollywood.

23 She Believes 
Dir: Shimna; 45 min; Malayalam with English Subtitles ; 2016
She Believes is about women and belief, about how women are structurally barred from religious participation and expression.

24 Framing Democracy
Dir: Rinchin & Maheen Mirza ; Hindi with English subtitles; 14 min; 2015; Documentary
The film is an inquiry into the fake encounter of Meena Khalko, a young girl from village Karcha, District Balrampur in the state of Chhattisgarh.

25 Myaan
Dir: Chayan Sonane; 34 min; Gujarati and Hindi with English subtitles; 2016; Documentary
A film on caste discrimination faced by dalits in Gujarat.

26 Padoshi
Dir: Akkta Panwar; 37 min; Gujarati and Hindi with English subtitles; 2016; Documentary
The transgender community in India has always been synonymous with a particular kind of job despite having enjoyed various roles in ancient India and Hindu mythology. But there is a lot more that this particular community is involved in that not many are aware of. Their voices and true stories are often hushed in the larger scheme of things in contemporary India.

27 Samay Se Pehle
Dir: Vineet Horo; 24 min; Hindi and English; 2016; Documentary
A film on premature children.

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