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11th Madurai Film Festival - first phase concluded!

11th Madurai International Documentary & Short Film Festival 2009 -10

Dear Friends

The first phase of 11th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2009-10 was organised by MARUPAKKAM on 15-19 December 2009 at The Madura College, Madurai in association with Media Research Centre, Department of Philosophy, The Madura College.

Dr. Karpaga Kumaravel, the Vice-Chancellor of Madurai Kamaraj University, inaugurated the festival on 15th December at 10 a.m. “Pandhi Bhojanam” a Malayalam short film directed by Sreebala K.Menon was screened as the inaugural film.

Around 80 films were screened in 5 days on two screens between 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. everyday. Around 500 people took part in the screenings. Documentaries and Short film were screened under the following six sections: Retrospective (films by Sanjay Kak), Country package (films from Kyrgyzstan curated by Paul Lee, presented by Cinema Development Fund, Kyrgyzstan), International films, Rest of India, Films from Tamilnadu and Under Construction (films distributed by Magic Lantern Foundation, New Delhi). Discussions were held after almost every screening.

Filmmakers K.P.Sasi, Sarat Chandran, Sreebala K.Menon, Kutti Revathi, Manohar, and K.Jayamurugan participated in the festival and screened their films.

Interactions with writers were organised every after noon. Writers Kutti Revathi, Samayavel, Jayabaskaran, Sureshkumar Indrajith, and Sa.Tamilselvan participated in the discussions.

Painting and Photo exhibition was organised along with the festival for 5 days. Artists Arasan, Balu, M.G. Rafeeq Mohammed, James Peter, Babu, Senthil, Siva and Ibrahim and the photographer Senthil exhibited their works.

V.M.S.Subhagunarajan, a theatre activist cum publisher and Yadhaarthaa Rajan, a film society activist took part in the closing ceremony along with Dr.Murali, Head of the Department, Department of Philosophy, The Madura College participated in the closing ceremony on 19th Decemeber 2009 at 5 p.m.

“Valli thirumanam” a mythological music theatre performance was presented by traditional artists Munirajan and company on 19th December 2009 at 6 p.m. as part of the closing ceremony.

The second and third phases of the festival will be held between January and June of 2010 that include screenings at various colleges, public halls, street corners, villages and small towns in and around Madurai in association with educational institutions, voluntary organisations, trade unions, theatre and film groups, and interesting and interested individuals.

The festival is supported by ZINDABAD Trust, New Delhi. IDEAS and EVIDENCE also supported the festival.

The list of films screened and the schedule can be obtained from our blog

I sincerely thank all the friends and filmmakers who gracefully supported our initiative. I apologise for any mistakes, delays, omissions and confusions. I request for continuous support and solidarity.

Amudhan R.P.
Festival coordinator
11th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2009 - 10
Ph: 91 93444 79353
91 452 2523992
Contact address: Marupakkam, A 9/4 K.K.Nagar, Madurai 625 020, India.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

11th Madurai Film Festival - Schedule

11th Madurai International Documentary & Short Film Festival 2009 -10
Screening Schedule

Screening I

15 December 2009

11 a.m. Panthipojanam 22’ R.I.
11: 25 Interaction with the filmmaker Sreebala K.Menon
12:00 1471 5:30’ Int.
12:10 Scavenging Dreams 28’ R.I.
12:45 I want to Live 8’ Kyr.
1:00 Lunch Break
2:00 p.m. Gaon chhodab nahin 8’ R.I.
2:15 La Condena 14’ Int.
2:40 ODH 24’ R.I.
3:10 Interaction with a writer
4:00 Zanzibar Musical Club 84’ Int.
5:30 Kalmanithargal 54’ T.N.
6:40 Salata Balati 105’ U.C.

16 December 2009

10 a.m. Arzoo 26’ U.C.
10:30 The Devil’s Bridge 10’ Kyr.
10:45 Agavizhi 25’ T.N.
11:15 A Climate Call from the Coast 15’ R.I.
11:40 I wonder 70’ R.I.
12:50 Fear 7’ Int.
1:00 Lunch Break
2:00 Take Note 17’ Int.
2:20 Shadows in Wind 20’ Int.
2:45 Two Year Guarantee 16’ Int.
3:10 Interaction with a writer
4:00 Silent Hues 49’ U.C.
5:00 House of the Dead 24’ Int.
5:30 In the forest hangs a bridge 40’ Retro
6:10 Had-Anhad 103’ R.I.

17 December 2009

10 a.m. Like leaves in a Storm 32’
10: 45 Manipur Song 61’ R.I.
11:45 Words on Water 85’ Retro
1:15 Lunch break
2:15 The Border 19’ Kyr.
2:35 Rutina 17’ Int.
2:55 Hercai 6’ Int.
3:10 Interaction with a writer
4:00 Chalo Amara Des 97’ R.I.
5:45 A-Chu Story 28’ Int.
6:15 Memories of a future 84’ U.C.

18 December 2009

10 a.m. One Day after the tenth day 24’ Int.
10:30 Khanadabosh 24’ R.I.
11:00 The Solitary Life of Cranes 27’ Int.
11:30 The Post man 15’ R.I.
11:45 Naples Open City 69’ Int.
1:00 Lunch break
2:00 Duty of the Son 23’ Kyr.
2:25 Encounter 21’ Int.
3:00 Interaction with a writer
4:00 Koi Sunta Hai 96’ R.I.
5:45 Sisters of Lilth 41’ Int.
6:30 Peace Mission 80’ U.C.

19 December 2009

10:00 Neighbors 12’ Kyr.
10:20 Kabira Khada Baazar Mein 90’ R.I.
12:00 Three of Us 15’ R.I.
12:15 Neenga Yenna Solreenga? 13 T.N
12: 30 The Memory Book 20’ Int.
12:50 Gynecologist 10’ Int.
1:05 Lunch Break
2:05 Mayomi 48’ Int.
2:50 Don’t call me crazy 19’ Int.
3:10 Interaction with a writer
4:00 Jashn-e-Azadi 113’ Retro
6:00 Closing ceremony

Screening II

15 December 2009

2 p.m. A House and a Home 50’ Retro
3:00 This land, my land – England 55’ Retro
4:00 Kala lereina 15’ Int.

16 December 2009

10 a.m. Walk – in and Screen
10: 45 Shore 10’ Kyr.
11:00 The Voice of Mapuche 113’ Int.
2 p.m. Houna and Manny 10’ Int.
2:15 Shadows in Wind 20’ Int.
2: 40 Golden Thread 19’ Int.
3:10 Mawla’s Wedding 52’ Int.
3:50 Perempuan “Girli” 19’ Int.

17 December 2009

10 a.m. Walk in and Screen
11:00 Remembrance of Things Present 80’ U.C.
12:30 E Finita La Commedia 13’ Int.
2 p.m. The Last Script: Remembering Bunuel 112’ Int

18 December 2009

10 a.m. Walk in and Screen
11:00 I do formed to be Deformed 48’ U.C.
11:50 Voices 50’ U.C.
2 p.m The Clock 10’ Int.
2:15 ASYL 13’ Kyr.
2:30 Variations for Piano for six hands 40’ Int.

19 December 2009

10 a.m. Walk in and Screen
11:00 The dog was running 17’ Kyr.
11:30 Nomad Encampment 20’ Kyr.
11:50 Shout from the Plain 40’ Int.
2p.m. Grandpa 7’ Int.
2:10 La Condena 14’ Int
2:30 The Staircase 2’ R.I.
2:35 Silences 5’ R.I.
2:40 The Story Maker 15’ Int.
3:00 Everything is OK 16’ Kyr.
3:20 Thaai 7’ T.N.
3:30 Dear Mom 14’ Int.
3:45 Connexions 14’ Int.

Int. International films
R.I. Rest of India
T.N. Films from Tamilnadu
Retro Retrospective of Sanjay Kak
Kyr Kyrgyzstan Package
U.C. Under Construction

Monday, December 7, 2009

11th Madurai Film Festival 2009 -10: Phase I

11th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2009 - 10

Date: 15-19 December 2009; Venue: The Madura College, Madurai

organised by
Media Research Centre, Department of Philosophy, The Madura College

Documentaries, short films and animation films will be screened under the following sections:

1) Films from Tamilnadu
2) Rest of India
3) International films
4) Retrospective: Films by Sanjay Kak
5) Country package: Films from Kyrgyzstan presented by Cinema Development Fund - Kyrgyzstan; curated by Paul Lee, film maker from Canada
6) Under Construction: Films distributed by Magic Lantern Foundation, New Delhi

Painting and photo exhibitions and interactions with writers will be held along with the film screenings.

Amudhan R.P.
Festival Coordinator, Madurai Film Festival
Ph: 93444 79353;

11th Madurai Film Festival 2009 -10: the plan

11th Madurai International Documentary and
Short Film Festival 2009 -10

Organised by MARUPAKKAM
in association with
Magic Lantern Foundation – New Delhi
Cinema Development Fund - Kyrgyzstan
MAYYAM – Veedhi Nadaga Iyakkam, Yadhaarthaa Thiraipada Iyakkam,
Department of Philosophy – The Madura College,
Department of Social Sciences & Centre for Women’s Studies – Lady Doak College
Department of Visual Communication – The American College

Supported by ZINDABAD TRUST, New Delhi

The festival takes place in 3 phases:

1) One "5 day single venue" film festival with screenings, painting and photo exhibitions, music and theatre performances, stalls that sell books and films, discussions and interactions with filmmakers, media and audiences .

2) 10 half day, one day, 2-3 day film festivals in colleges in and around Madurai, to be held over a period of 6 months starting from January 2010.

3) 10 half day, one day, evening, full night film festivals in villages, small towns, street corners and meeting halls in and around Madurai, in association with art groups, NGO's, trade unions, people's movements and other public forums, to be held over a period of 6 months starting from January 2010.

11th Madurai Film Festival 2009 -10 : List of films selected

1) Houna and Manny
Dir: Jared Katsiane

2) ) Two Year Guarantee
Dir: Juan Parra Costa

3) Because There Are Things You Never Forget
Dir: Lucas Figueroa

4) Shadows In Wind
Dir: Julia Guillen Creagh

5) The Golden Thread
Dir: Diego Sanchidrian

6) The Story Maker
Dir: Jose Gomez Gallego

7) Manipur Song
Dir: Pankaj Butalia

8) Thaai
Dir: Ram

9) Agavizhi

10) Neenga Enna Sir Sollureenga? [What do you say sir?]
Dir: K.Jayamuragan

11) Kal Manithargal
Dir: Kutti Revathi

Dir: Sreebala K Menon

13) ODH
Dir: Dr Swaroop Savanur

14) Scavenging Dreams
Dir: Jasmine K Roy & Avinash Roy

15) Kabira Khada Baazar Mein
Dir: Shabnam Virmani

16) Had-Anhad
Dir: Shabnam Virmani

17) Koi Suntan hai
Dir: Shabnam Virmani

18) Chalo Hamara Des
Dir: Shabnam Virmani

19) The Postman
Dir: Manohar

20) Three of Us
Dir: Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni

21) The Staircase
Dir: George Mangalath Thomas

22) Silences
Dir: George Mangalath Thomas

23) Shave
Dir: Sean Christensen

24) I Wonder
Dir: Anupama Srinivasan

25) Mayomi
Dir: Carol Salter

26) Dear Mom
Dir: Hsiao Yang-Lun

27) 1471
Dir: Robin Whenary

28) Fear
Dir: Robin Whenary

Dir: Andrea Henriquez – Pablo Fernandez

30) E Finita La Commedia
Dir: Jean-Julien Collett & Olivier Tollet

31) Tizcor Et Ze (Take Note)
Dir: Elite Zexer

32) Rutina
Dir: Ronald Espinosa Batallones

33) Naples Open City 1943-1948
Dir: Ben Hopkins

34) Encounter
Dir: Nick Igea

35) Hercai (Requiem)
Dir: Turgut Baygin

36) Sisters of Lilith
Dir: Emel Celebi

37) Zanzibar Musical Club
Dir: Philippe Gasnier and Patrice Nezan

38) Variations for Piano for Six Hands
Dir: Eitan Evgeny Melamed

39) Khanabadosh
Dir: Priya Thuvassery, Mahvish Rahman, Tulika, Swathi, Bhattacharya

40) Shout From The Plain (NUMROO)
Dir: Harri J.Rantala

41) The House of the Dead
Dir: Debora Diniz

42) A – Chu Story
Dir: Hosono Ken

43) One day after the tenth day
Dir: Narges Abyar

44) Kala lereina
Dir: Kukuh Yudha Karnanta, Kuncoro Indra

45) Jangan Bilang Aku Gila ( Don’t Call Me Crazy)
Dir: Kiki Febriyanti

46) Perempuan “Girli” (The Woman from Riverside)
Dir: Rosa Yuditia Ripi

47) The Gynaecologist
Dir: Alfonso camarero

Dir: K.P.Sasi

Dir: K.P.Sasi

Dir: K.P.Sasi

51) The Clock
Dir: David Sipos

52) Companian
Dir: Gyu-ri An

53) Conexiones
Dir: Lidice Abreu

54) Grandpa
Dir: David Sipos

55) LA CONDENA (The Sentence)
Dir: Mario de la Torre

56) Mawla’s Wedding
Dir: Zoltan Enevold

57) Zanzibar Musical Club
Dir: Philippe Gasnier and Patrice Nezan

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11th Madurai Film Festival 2009 - entry form

Please copy the entry form given below, paste it on a word file, take a print out, fill it up and send it to us along with the dvd's.

11th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2009
Entry form

Name of the film:
Documentary/short film/animation:
International/Rest of India/Films from Tamilnadu:
Short synopsis:
Contact email:
Contact postal address:

I allow the film festival to keep the copies for the further non-commercial screenings.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Madurai Film Festival Travels!

As Madurai Film Festival has successfully completed its 10th edition, it is now traveling across south India to share its collection of films.

As per the understanding and agreement with the filmmakers who had submitted their films to 10th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2008, MARUPAKKAM is taking initiative to take the films from the selected list to non-commercial screenings across south India.

To start with VIBGYOR film festival of Thirussur, Kerala has invited us to be part of the 2009 edition to be held on 4-8 of February this year. It will be mentioned as “MADURAI FILM FESTIVAL PACKAGE curated by MARUPAKKAM” in VIBGYOR 2009. The number of films and final list of the films will be announced soon.

Talks are on with more festivals and groups across south India.

Amudhan R.P.
Festival Coordinator
Madurai Film Festival