Tuesday, October 23, 2007

9th Madurai Documentary and Short Film Festival 2007 (5-9 December) - Organisers

Following is the list of voluntary organisations, activist groups, trade unions, educational institutions, art groups, film fan cirlces and little magazines who jointly organise the 9th Madurai documentary and short film festival 2007.

1) Marupakkam 2) Magic Lantern Foundation 3) Pedestrian Pictures 4) Third Eye Communication 3) SIRD 4) EKTA 5) SAND 6) PEAL 7) KOODU 8) Tamilnadu Theological Seminary 9) Lady Doak College 10) American College11) Arul Anandhar College 12) Maiyam Theatre Group 13) IDEAS 14) Tamilaga Makkal Panpattu Kalagam 15) MUTA 16) Pudhiya Katru 17) Kadavu 18) Evidence

9th Madurai Documentary and Short Film Festival 2007 - Venues

Documentaries and short films will be screened at the following venues in and around Madurai during 9th Madurai documentary and short film festival 2007.
a) Colleges (exclusively for students):
1) Madura College 2) Lady Doak College 3) American College 4) Arul Anandhar College
b) Main venues (open to all):
1) Tamilnadu Theological Seminary 2) MUTA Hall
c) Open field screenings (villages):
1) Thirupuvanam 2) Usilampatti 3) Perungudi 4) Narimedu 5) Kodimangalam 6) Sirkali

9th Madurai Documentary and Short Film Festival 2007 - sections

Documentaries and short films will be screened under the following 5 sections during 9th Madurai documentary and short film festival 2007

1) Tamil films
2) Films from 'Rest of India' (Indian films except from Tamilnadu)
3) International films
4) Retrospective
5) 'Under Construction' package

Monday, October 22, 2007

9th Madurai Documentary and Short Film Festival 2007 -update 01

Dear Friends

Greetings from Marupakkam. There is a slight change in the dates of our 9th Madurai Film Festival 2007.

It has been decided by the organising committee consisting of 20 groups, institutions and organisations that the 9th Madurai documentary and short film festival 2007 will take place on 5-9 ofDecember 2007.

The inaugural function will take place on 5 December 2007 at Edward Victoria Hall at 6 p.m. senior writers, activists and filmmakers will be invited to inaugurate the festival.

The screenings will take place in the following colleges in Madurai.
1) American College 2) Lady Doak College 3) Madura College 4) Arul Anandhar College.

Few more colleges may join the list.

Besides, screenings in the open field in the following 5 villages also have been planned in association with voluntary organisations and groups. 1)Usilampatti (SIRD) 2)Thirupuvanam (SAND) 3)Perungudi(KOODU)4)EKTA 5)PEAL

Main screenings will take place at Tamilnadu Theological Seminary and MUTA Hall during all the 5 days.

Our selection committee meeting is on during all the week ends of October to select the films to be screened at the festival. We have invited filmmakers, writers, activists, artists, film society friends, teachers and students from Madurai to form the selection committee.

I would like to remind the filmmakers who have forgotten to send their films to our festival. Also Iwould like request them to send their latest films and support the festival which has been consistently taking films to the people for the past 8 years.

amudhan rp

9th Madurai Film Festival 2007

Dear Friends

Greetings from Marupakkam, a media action group based in Madurai involved in organising regular screenings, video workshops and film festivals since 1996. We also make documentaries.

We are happy to inform you that our 9th Madurai Film Festival will be organised on 5-9 December 2007 in Madurai. The festival is jointly organised by 15 organisations including educational institutions, voluntary organisatons, media groups and film societies.

The festival will be a non-competitive one with no entry fee. There is no limit for duration of the films. Short films and documentaries produced after January 2006 are eligible to take part in the festival.

The films in non-tamil, non-English language should have subtitles in English. Films will be screened under three sections: Tamil 2) Rest of India 3) Foreign Films.

We invite the film makers to send their entries on DVD format with synopsis, filmography, stills, posters and other publicity materials on or before 30 September 2007.

A Selection committee consisting of filmmakers, writers, teachers, activists, artists and students will select the best 80 films in total (including Tamil, Rest of India and Foreign short films and documentaries) to be screened in 10 venues. The selection committee’s recommendation will be declared on 31 October 2007.

Festival will not return the dvd’s as they will be used for further non-commercial screenings in and around Madurai, India.

We invite the filmmakers to send their entries to the following address:
Marupakkam,A 9/4 K.K.Nagar, Madurai 625 020, India Ph: +91 9344479353; +91 9344156392; +91 452 2523992
Email: marupakkam@rediffmail.com

We also have a retrospective section under which 10 best films (5 each) of two veteran documentary film makers will be screened. Madhusree Dutta and R.V.Ramani have agreed to screen their best 5 films each under the retrospective section. They have also agreed to present their films and take part in the discussions with the media, students, activists, artists, filmmakers and film fans in the festival.

Besides, Magic Lantern Foundation from New Delhi will screen 10 films from their Under Construction collection.

Amudhan R.P.
9th Madurai Documentary and Short Film Festival 2007